Wednesday, October 12, 2011

lets get caught up here people!

Ok so I have been a major slacker. I have no excuse other than life happens. 
Here is what you have missed in our life for the past 4 months:
*We spent 2 days a week at least at the pool this summer
*Owen really loves the wave pool but it still freaks me out 
*We went to a few rodeos
* We went to the zoo while they had the dinosaur exhibit.....he thought it was scary. He was kinda in a bad mood all day there and whinning. When we got home we figured out he had a 101* fever. No bueno!
*Owen got stung 4 times at cascade springs
*Jeremy and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary
*I got a new calling as primary secretary in june and I am finally feeling like I can do it!
* We went camping down by Manti with some friends and it was awesome!
*Owen started 1st grade spanish dual immersion program
*Owen had a seriously hard time with his first 2 weeks of 1st grade
(they told us to expect tears but I was really thinking we made a bad choice in the spanish class)
* He finally figured out that its cool to go to first grade-(made better by the fact that i
 bribed him everyday he didnt cry.)
*He is loving learning spanish and he knows how to :
-sing abc's
-tell you the days of the week & month
- colors
-count to 35 
*everyday he tells me his favorite thing was recess
*Owen loves to read and he is getting SO good at it!
*Owen played soccer again this fall 
* Owen went to see the pediatric eye Dr. who told us he doesnt need the glasses he was prescribed in april.
* He also told us that if his eye is still being lazy in a couple months he would need surgery again...UGH!
* I help in his english class every week and I love getting to be there with him but its like herding chickens!
*I realized I can never really tell what Owen is thinking.
example #1 
Driving to school he asks me: Did great grandma eat great grandpa?
what? NO why do you say that?
Because she is a widow like the spider and they eat the spouse.....
We went to a baptism last weekend and he went up to watch up close what happens
He thought it was really cool and on the way back down the hall he said:
I didnt see the sins get washed away. where were they?
I said they just disappeared buddy, they just go too fast for us to see.

* our puggle Dexter is surviving being in our family. 
* he shivers/whines when we put him out to go potty.....its gonna be a long winter people
This was moments before the bee stings :(

 First day of 1st grade
 Camping view in Manti

Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates galore

I keep telling myself as soon as something fun happens I would do a new post.
Well in the past 3 weeks we had some super fun times and there are a lot of things to 
catch up on so here we go!

We got a new member of the family!
* Dexter *
He is a puggle: 3parts pug 1 part beagle & 9 weeks old now
Owen calls him his brother and loves him a little too much sometimes
Owen graduated from Kindergarten (snif snif)
I started crying the minute he marched in with his class and didnt stop through the whole thing
We are so proud of him and all the things he learned over the year with his wonderful teacher
He sat up on the stage so proud and when they called his name I looked at Jeremy and he had tears too
We are SO excited for summer!
We are looking forward to: swimming, museums, zoo, slip and slides and sleeping in, bike rides and bbq's

Since we bought this house we have had a area in our backyard that was just sand. It has been the worst thing ever in our home. The previous owners had a pool there so it was mostly covered by that for them but when they moved they took it with them. 
Since then it has been the neighborhood cat litter box....Yuck Yuck Yuck
My dad is a cement mason and we have wanted him to pour cement back there for a while but we kept going back and forth about grass or cement
So we finally buckled down and got it cleared out and ready for cement
We had a lot of help and my dad did a great job as always!
Soooooo lucky to have a dad with such great talent and skills to make something we can cherish forever
The sad thing is we wanted Owen to put his hand in it but the day we poured he had a horrible fever and pretty much slept the day away. I woke him up to watch for about an hour and take some more medicine but he was still feeling yucky and wanted nothing to do with putting his hand in there :(
My dad did put a cool stencil in it with some leaves from a tree in our backyard 

We have been to two rodeos this summer already
The second one we went to had a sweet military chopper and Owen has in heaven
He got to watch them take off and then they flew over us during the national anthem VERY COOL!!
They also had a eagle that was injured and nursed back to health we all got to witness him fly off back to freedom, Owen thought that was awesome too and cant stop talking about it

We had a fun bbq with some friends and family this weekend
It was nice to have the extra space of our new cement patio and see good friends again
the weather has been nice finally and we are loving the sunshine

Here are the picture to go with all the updates sorry if they are not in order but hope you enjoy them

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spider-man Birthday!

On Cinco De Mayo our little man turned 6! It is really crazy to me that so much time has gone by so fast! Here are some things about Owen's life right now:
-top two teeth that we lost tragically last year are finally coming in! yay!
- is really tall one more inch and he will be 4 feet!
- really sweet to me when we wake up in the morning! He sings to me" Good morning to you,good morning to you, to me!"
- really likes school and his teacher
- can makes friends with anyone anywhere we go
- very good at all sports. I think baseball is his favorite for now and he has a really good arm on him!
-loves candy that is sour but he calls it spicy
-hates pizza, i know strange huh!
-can count to ten in spanish
-loves to have me read stories at night before bed, and he can read to me now too which i love!!!
-loves the aquarium, the zoo, the dinosaur museum and trafalga
-would eat cereal and chicken nuggets for the rest of his life if I let him
-wears glasses most of the time without a fight now
-is a pro at his two wheeler bike and will wear his helmet without a fight!
-got his first sunburn ever this summer
-went to see ANNIE and loved it, he loves anything where he can clap ;)
-loves me but always asks "where is dad?"
-his new favorite thing is ganging up on me with Jeremy and tickling me till my cheeks hurt from laughing

I love this kid and I am so lucky to be his mom! He is the sweetest boy and really becoming a little man. He is thoughtful and asks a lot of questions about life and how people feel. I hope that he grows up to be a sweetheart softy just like his dad!

On his birthday we brought spiderman cupcakes to his class and then when he got home from school we surprised him with this new bike! Dont worry we took the training wheels off right after this picture.
  His old one was worn out and the chain and pedal kept falling off no matter how many times we tightened them. This one makes a super cool sound when you crank the handle bar he loves it!

 Monkey game from Rob, Cathy and Jenn. They came over for cake and Ice cream that night and we had a nice visit.
Owen had wanted a spiderman party for a long time and I really wanted to have spiderman come. Jeremy found out one of the trainers at his work had a bunch of costumes and dressed up for things like this so we got him to come and I think it was a big success! The only problem we have now is that we have to do something even better next year! I didnt quite know how I was going to do his cake but it turned out really great I think! He loved the little spider crawling up the candle too!
 This was just one of the 10 targets we put around the yard for the kids to shoot with silly string. I took one of his coloring books and enlarged the bad guys. They turned out pretty cool and the kids said it was the best game of the night.
 After everyone arrived which ended up to be 19 kids!!!! We let them eat and run around for a little while. Owen wasnt really interested in chatting like some of the other kids all he wanted was to play tag!
 While we were waiting for spider-man to show up we played some impromptu games: Simon says
 Simon says jump up and down! :) 

We also had 3 more games that night. 
*Spider toss: they had to toss it into a spider-man bucket
*Radio-active spider: we had them stand in a circle and they had to pass around the spider while music played and when the music stopped the one hold the spider was OUT.
*Guess how many: I put a bunch of small toy spiders in a jar and had them guess how many were in there. The guesses were hilarious!
 After what seemed like forever it was finally time! Jeremy talked to all the kids and told them that Spider-man was Owens favorite good guy and that maybe just maybe if we said MY SPIDEY SENSES ARE TINGLING 3 times he would come for his birthday. The kids yelled it and he jumped into our backyard! I think all the kids were not really sure what was going on at first then they all thought it was so cool! Jeremy said does anyone want to come give him 5 but everyone ran over and gave him hugs! It was super cute!
 Everyone got a can of silly string and then they ran around shooting the bad guys with them. I think our backyard will have silly string on everything till next year!
 Spider-man lifted Owen up for the pictures and everyone had a really hard time looking at the camera for the picture but I thought it was really cute that they couldnt take their eyes off him.

 Just a couple pics of Owen alone

 After that we let anyone who wanted to get their picture taken with spider-man. I got quite a few pictures to print out for parents.
 Everyone sang a great happy birthday song and at the end after" to you" they all yelled really loud... BYU! Funny I guess thats what they do in Owens class when its someones birthday.
 All the girls got little tiaras to wear and the boys got spider-man masks at the end of the party along with a little gift bag with- a spider, candy, a small baseball for the pool, and a spider-man silly band
 After everyone left Jeremy, Owen and I had a little silly string fight of our own. That stuff really stinks but it was so fun to run around the backyard and get each other! Great memories were made that night for sure!
My boys! These two make me so happy!