Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To the circus we go!

Today we went to the circus at the Mckay Events Center in Orem. Owen was hesitant at first. He thought the lions were going to roar at him. Funny boy. Right when we got there I took this of us. Nice cheeser huh!
This was Owen sitting by the GIANT bear. The lady had to scoot him down closer to him. He is really trying to be brave but he was really nervous.( He later told Jeremy the bear was bigger that you!) Owen also thought it was super cool that the trainers were feeding him cereal. Owen would eat cereal all 3 meals if I let him!
This is what Owen really wanted to do. Ride the elephants. I was really nervous about it and lucky for me the line was way too long for us to do it. Thus the above picture was taken instead. He does love them though! Poor kid.
He loved the bears the best he said. They had them come out and ride on a little tiny rocking horse. It was cute but i didnt get a good picture.
I guess after all that hesitation and worry Owen had fun and gave it 2 thumbs up! He said it was awesome and wants to go again tomorrow. He did love the tigers after all too! He got up in my lap though to watch and half way through the act i noticed that his hands were super sweaty. Guess he was really nervous.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our funny boy!

Owen has been so funny lately its like he just found his sense of humor or something.
Yesterday while Jeremy was at work we had a tickle fight. Owen was tickling me and I started to yell HELP, SOMEONE HELP ME! and he laughed so hard and told me ," No one is here to help you! " Then he laughed even harder. Do they have these things on cartoons now?

Then later on in the day he was downstairs playing and I was upstairs in our room folding laundry. I had the TV on in our bedroom and he snuck up the stairs so quiet on his hands and knee's and waited till just the right moment to jump out and yell. Oh man did I scream bloody murder! Owen thought he was so funny. He told me," I got you good mom!" That one he did get from me. I LOVE to scare people! I have hid upstairs for 5 min in the dark just to scare Jeremy when he came up for the night. It is awesome!

I did finally get my appointment with the new liver doctor. It will be the beginning of next month. I got my records from my old doctor up at U of U to take with me. In the notes of my last visit the doctor put that I have diabetes type 2 and refuse to take my blood sugar levels. Imagine my surprise.......maybe because I DON'T HAVE IT!????? What a weirdo. When I called up there to ask them what was going on and how it was going to be fixed. They said we cant change the record now it will just have to have notes the next time you are seen. Except I will not be seen again because of our insurance change. What a thing to have on my records. almost 3 years of going there and I end up with Diabetes on my chart. Idiots. Idiots i tell you!

Owen and I just had our 6 mo dental check ups. Owen did awesome. Let them do xrays, polish his teeth and everything. No cavities.
I have 6!

All you people out there that are thinking about writing on my post GUESS YOU SHOULD BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Don't worry my family has given my enough teasing for a lifetime. I don't like it. I asked them if they could just knock me out and do it all at once. Of course it will cost $700 but sure they can. They tried to tell me that most people do fine with the gas. Ha! The dentist gives me so much anxiety it would probably do the opposite and make me more anxious. Like when you give your child benedryl to get through a long plane ride and instead it makes them hyper. The other option is a form of Valium. They prescribe 2. 1 an hour before and 1 15 min before they start. I asked them if I could take a double dose and just fall asleep and they laughed. But I'm pretty serious. Just thinking about it gives me a stomach ache.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years forward

So this year for my new years resolution I decided it was time to finally give up my pop addiction. It has been a rough couple of weeks but I am doing it. Its funny how many times I have thought now is a great time for a Diet coke or Pepsi but those times are getting farther and farther apart. Thank goodness! My caffeine headache seems to be gone as well!

We have been cooped up in the house a lot with all the cold weather. You can only go to Mcdonalds and Carls Jr so many times before it gets old. :)
Owen is not doing preschool this spring we are keeping him home until kindergarten starts this fall. That will be interesting to say the least! He went into a new class in primary and luckily still had the same teacher. He loves her and she makes it easy for him to go to class every Sunday.

Jeremy's cousin Jeffrey and his wife Kelli have been staying with us for the past week or so. It has been so nice to have someone around to talk to! Jeremy has been working crazy overtime hours (84 last week) so having them around to hang out with and play with Owen is awesome!
It is funny how it worked out actually. Jeremy and I let them put most of their stuff under our house until they came back for school. -they are the couple that had their sweet baby pass away from sids just in October.- We had been waiting for them to call and tell us they were back in town and wanted to pick up stuff but the first few days of school had already come and gone and we hadn't heard from them. Owen and I had just finished saying our prayers for the night and in it we said : let us be open to help those who are need of our service. Well about 5 minutes later they called and said they were in town but the apartment wouldn't be ready until the 19th. I didn't even hesitate or ask Jeremy I just said come stay here! Funny how those things work out!

An update to that is they are expecting a second child to come into their family about the end of July! How exciting and wonderful for them to have that blessing again! A baby heals the most broken of hearts. I was a little nervous to have them stay because all of you who know me well know that I don't have the gift of saying the right things all the time. I was constantly thinking about what I would say before they got here and how careful I would be about certain topics. But after about only 5 min with them I realized they were both well on the way to what they call: moving forward not moving on just forward. They are both so strong and I am so glad to have them as part of our family.

Owen has been having a blast having live-in guests again! Every night when Jeffrey gets home from school or work Owen runs up and gives him a giant hug on the legs and says"i missed you!"
He has been so funny lately too! We went to church this past week and Owen was facing me when the bishop was releasing someone and asking for the ward to raise their hand in recognition. I did raise my hand and since Owen didn't see what was going on he just saw my hand raised up he quickly stepped forward and gave me a very loud high 5! The whole row behind us was laughing so hard! That kid makes me so happy!

I have yet to make a new appointment with the new transplant doctor. I called earlier this week and the receptionist was NOT nice. In fact as a first impression that was about the worst I have had in a long time. I really hope it is not how they whole office is or I am in trouble. Hopefully it was just a bad day for that girl and they will call me soon for an appointment. The whole referral thing drives me crazy considering I used to do that at the office I worked for. Its not that hard people.!!!