Monday, February 6, 2012

Where did our little boy go?

Today Owen had a dentist appointment.
 I went to pick him up from school a few minutes early so we wouldn't be late. Good thing I did because he was in Gym class and bumped into another kid. Yep his teeth were the ones he hurt...nothing major thank goodness I was just grateful it happened on a day we were already going to the dentist.
The dentist is not Owens favorite place, he is usually OK until they ask him to get in the chair then it goes downhill but today....
We got there just on time and the girl decided they would take him back, do the xrays and then bring him to another chair a few minutes later to do the cleaning. I was just about to go back with him but he didn't even look back at me so i stepped back and he went on his own!
Its a really small office so I could hear everything and he did really well with the xrays but then
the Dentist was free and just came in and did his exam
 still didn't ask for me.....
He came back out with a big grin on his face and said" I did it all by myself mom!"
I was so proud of him and gave him a giant hug, they came to get him for the cleaning and I was sure after all that he would say "come on mom "but no.....
Owen got in the chair did all the cleaning and even did the 1 minute fluoride treatment like a rockstar!!
I was tearing up and so proud of our little man!!
No cavities for him and some extra allowance makes for a good end to a Monday :)