Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So this weekend started off great. We took Owen downtown to the Freedom Festival. He saw the bounce houses and wanted to get on! This one turned out to be really sad for us. See that net that is tied up with string? It wasn't that way before. Jeremy made them tie it up after Owen went down and caught his two front teeth in it. He got to the bottom and was crying so hard he couldn't talk. I walked over and lifted up his lip to see where the blood was coming from and his two front teeth were gone!!

It was really sad and bloody! He was crying really hard for about 15 min and then after he had some ice it got a little better. As you can see from this picture there were two giant holes and we both felt really bad for him. Both of his bottom teeth had fallen out recently and as you can tell they are starting to grow in already. We called the dentist and he told us the top ones usually dont start to fall out till you are at-least 7. So it will be a long 2 years without teeth! Poor Owen even has a lisp now and wants us to call him TOOTHLESS just like on the movie: how to train your dragon. He was super brave what a way to spend the weekend!

We did have some great bbq's with both of our families and lots of fireworks. It was not really that hot this weekend either and that made it so much more enjoyable! I love the 4th of July it one of my favorite holidays. My sister and I took Owen to the parade too. He thought the bands were really cool and the BYU cougar. Everything else was blah to him and he was bored.

I love watching the Vets roll by in old cars though. There was a car rolling by with a lot of Vets in it and this sweet old man in front of us with KOREA on the back of his hat stood up and saluted them. I totally teared up. I cant help being choked up at things like that. I am so grateful we live where we do and have all the freedom we have because of men and women just like that.