Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can someone please tell me whats going on here?

Things have been going better here! Finally Owen is catching on to the fact that he is NOT in charge and that there are serious consequences to his actions. It has not been easy at this house the past few weeks but I think now we are back on track and things are much smoother.

Our fridge finally died this last week. It broke in December but we gave it a small tune-up and hoped it would last a few more months. We came home last week to water all over the kitchen floor and a fridge full of food that needed moving asap. We moved everything to our coolers in the garage and bought a new one. It took about 5 days for it to be delivered so it was like being on a really long camping trip. It was not fun for a few days but now we have our new fridge and its awesome!!

The weather here has been so nice the last couple days. We have been jumping on the trampoline again which Owen just loves! It is great exercise for me too! We have also signed him up for swim lessons. They are at our local rec center. They are on Saturday mornings and I am really excited for him! The only lessons Owen has had are the basic put your face in the water and blow bubbles so we are ready for him to move on to the next step. It will make the pool this summer so much fun!

Another fun thing for Owen is in the Daycare at the gym. They started doing little exercise classes for the kids while the moms work out too. This is so nice and it really wears him out so I can get some stuff done while he watches a movie when we get home! Perf!

I got my test results phone call from the doctor. She said everything was normal and that I should follow up in 3 months. I asked for the specifics like I always do: my spleen size, my blood flow in the portal vein, ect.
All they could tell me was it was normal. So today I went to the hospital to request my records and see for myself the actual measurements. Well guess what it said to my absolute surprise.

Spleen normal size with a normal splenic vein.
Liver has normal size and contour without evidence of mass.
Liver density is normal.
Portal and Hepatic veins appear normal.
Impression: The liver appears normal. There is no evidence of hepatic
steatosis(fatty liver) at this time.

Ya know what?? I just dont know what to think anymore? I thought when the nurse called me the doc had just written on it normal. When I got the report today it would tell me more. Normal is all I get??

Dont get me wrong I would LOVE to be NORMAL I just dont have much faith that it is true anymore. I feel like I am in a bad dream and cant wake up.Each person I ask tells me something different. So can someone please tell me whats going on here? Anyone?? Bueler??

Jeremy's hard work on overtime have been paying off! Here is a list of things we have been able to accomplish with his hard work!
*$1000 in savings-this is a big deal for us!
*paid off our bank overdraft
*paid off our loan on our new laptop
*paid cash for a new fridge when our old one broke
Jeremy was so proud of the last one!

Jeremy's birthday was last month and we had a wonderful day together. He had his free breakfast at Denny's. Renewed his drivers license. Finished some honey'dos around the house. Took us all out to dinner at Tucanos. Then we had yummy carrot cake at his parents house. It was a wonderful day together!

This is a really old video of Owen in San Diego. I saw it the other day and it made my smile...hope it does the same for you! I loved that age! So fun!