Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The best program ever

We got some wonderful family pictures taken. I love how they turned out and I cant wait to do some more this year. It had been way too long. 

So we have been taking Owen to a tutor in SLC for the last 2 months. 
He was having  trouble in class: not focusing/not staying on task/getting frustrated/falling behind
We talked to the teachers and  decided we were not going to do medication but we needed to do something or his school work and future school work was going to go downhill fast!
We checked out a lot of programs and finally found one we are so grateful that we found her when we did. 
Its called Brainlinking this is the website
It has completely changed our lives and Owens for the better!
It is a 4 month program we meet with Miss Pat once a week and do the exercises and programs at home the rest of the week. He does physical therapy type exercises along with a reading program and a brainbuilding program on line that help with focus,memory,brain speed
It was not cheap but we were willing to put out a little money to have him get these skills now rather than back peddle when he is in high school.
We have seen such a difference in his attitude, self esteem, and his grades have gone up drastically. 
When we started 2 months ago he was reading speed level on a beginning 1st grader  with a comprehension level of a 4th grader...crazy right? But now he is almost to a 3rd grade reading level!!!! Amazing!!! 
Thank goodness for other options and wonderful people who care about getting children to where they need to be so they can be successful in life!
This guy is still surviving the Hamilton family and daily dose of a little too much love from Owenator