Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good News!

So I finally got my results they were negative! Just some irritation and redness. The prevacid the AF doctor put me on seems to be helping the nausea that i feel after meals so I am grateful for that.  Who knew a little pill could help so much. I never got acid reflux even when I was pregnant like so many of my friends did, but these pills are helping. Thank goodness. Thanks for all the well wishers out there! 

The other night when Owen had been coughing so hard we took him outside to breath the cold air. Jeremy and I decided to have another prayer to help Owen sleep and in the middle of it, even being sick as a dog,  Owen piped up "and bless Halloween." What a kid! He has been telling me the funniest things lately. This morning I seem to have caught his illness and even though i am not coughing have lost most of my voice. When we woke up from a nap he asked me why I was using my sad voice and told me" its OK we took a long nap so now you will start to feel better!" ( Same thing i told him not 3 days ago!) 
Then last night Jeremy came home and he was really jazzed to be home with us finally after a long week and Owen told him " cool it, dad!"