Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh snap!

Jaymee just gets cuter every time we see her! Even with her eyes closed she is a sweetheart!
This was Owen's first time holding baby Jaymee. He was being really sweet to her! What cute cousins the are!
So yesterday while walking to church I broke my little toe! I was walking on the sidewalk right next to Owen and Jeremy and Owen stopped without me knowing and I put my foot forward really hard into his church shoe! Ouch It killed!!!  Jeremy didnt really think I hit it that hard till later last night when it started changing colors. Ha! It was so swollen my toe was numb so I went to the doctor today to make sure the blood flow was ok and it wouldnt turn black and fall off. It's ok but it was broken at the very tip. 

Side note: Both the frogs we had died within days of each other. Owen is very sad about it. We had our first animal funeral. When it rains it pours.