Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The best Cinco De Mayo yet!!

For those of you who dont know our Owen was born on 5/5/05! We love cinco de mayo at our house and this one was the best yet!
Owen got new cowboy boots that were really rain boots....which is ideal actually for any of you who have been to the rodeo you know what can end up on your boots. So to be  able to just rinse them off at the end of the night without ruining them is great! My grandma lent him the chaps to wear to the rodeo and he loved them so much....as you can see by the video. I had to trick him into taking them off and leaving them at grandma's, it wasnt easy!
The cake was a work in progress I am pretty proud of myself actually and it didnt taste too bad either. On his birthday we took Owen out to Brick Oven and he loved it! The crown was made my his teacher at pre-school and Owen wouldnt take it off for 2 days! Then after lunch we went to Trafalga. I was worried about how he would do but it was so much fun! They even have a new simulator part with about 12 chairs. We chose the haunted mine ride. Owen loved it of course! As soon as we were done he said AGAIN!!!!
We managed to do the go karts and play a few games by the time the day was over he was exhausted and went to bed early. Music to parents ears! We were out of energy and money so we were thankful to be done and have a happy kid!
We had a 2 parties for Owen, one with Jeremy's family and one with mine since we have 5 birthdays on my side this month. We just combined all of them into one big bash! Our party with the Hamilton's was so much fun too! Owen jumped on the tramp with uncle Andy and was giggling the whole time...i was worried he would bite his tongue jumping and laughing so much. I am pretty sure Andy was not prepared for such a workout but the video shows him having just as much fun as Owen!

My test results came in as well. The CT scan showed no masses. WHAT????? My body is so messed up! Well they are doing a official tumor board meeting today and will put my Ultrasound and CT scan side by side to see why one shows it and the other one doesnt. I hope it is really not there but on the other side where did it go? Why is every test I take another mystery. I am not Nancy Drew, Mary Higgins Clark or even a seeker of danger so why does it follow me to every Dr appointment I go to? Anyone got the answer let me know!

I did go to the Optometrist today. My eyes unlike the rest of my body is improving itself. My eyesight is getting better and my Astigmatism is improving too! Strange right. I do love my Dr though he is the best I always like going to him. I know he is not going to tell me your liver is huge or your blood pressure is terrible. To me that's everything!

My grandma also has 2 new sets of twin baby sheep. There is one in particular that the mom rejected and she has to bottle feed. His name is tiny and he really is. He follows here everywhere and is a very good baby. Too bad the mom doesnt like him. She is only a year old and didnt really understand motherhood I guess. Good for my grandma, bad for the sheep.