Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Owen's 2 Funny!

There are just a few things Owen has been saying lately that are really funny. I wanted to write them down before I forget them. 

Cupcakes: Pup-cakes
Rodeo: Radio
Indiana Jones: I G jones
Sweetheart: Freetheart
Love: wov
Ninja Turtles: Midget turtles
He also things everyday is HIS birthday! There are a lot of birthdays on both side in February so he thinks every party is for him! He also says after every holiday," Now its Halloween mom, right?" He is so in love with Halloween. I don't know how any other holiday can compete.

Whenever we are driving in the car he always asks," why is that car in front of us? Don't they know we are the leader?" 

He also likes  to tell me " we have never done this before." Even when we have a couple dozen.

Our Valentines Day was great. My parents let Owen have a sleepover! Jeremy and went to dinner, to a stake dance, and even a late show of Twilight at the dollar theatre. It was awesome! Every girls dream date come true! Dinner,dancing and a movie! What a great hubby I have. Jeremy even said he liked Twilight. I knew he would just had to get him there.