Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To the circus we go!

Today we went to the circus at the Mckay Events Center in Orem. Owen was hesitant at first. He thought the lions were going to roar at him. Funny boy. Right when we got there I took this of us. Nice cheeser huh!
This was Owen sitting by the GIANT bear. The lady had to scoot him down closer to him. He is really trying to be brave but he was really nervous.( He later told Jeremy the bear was bigger that you!) Owen also thought it was super cool that the trainers were feeding him cereal. Owen would eat cereal all 3 meals if I let him!
This is what Owen really wanted to do. Ride the elephants. I was really nervous about it and lucky for me the line was way too long for us to do it. Thus the above picture was taken instead. He does love them though! Poor kid.
He loved the bears the best he said. They had them come out and ride on a little tiny rocking horse. It was cute but i didnt get a good picture.
I guess after all that hesitation and worry Owen had fun and gave it 2 thumbs up! He said it was awesome and wants to go again tomorrow. He did love the tigers after all too! He got up in my lap though to watch and half way through the act i noticed that his hands were super sweaty. Guess he was really nervous.