Friday, May 21, 2010

Life at our house has been crazy!

So first of all Jeremy and I went back to the specialist to discuss what we would do next. Back in February we had a ct scan done and when they called back with the results all they said was everything looks good. The nurse gave no measurements of my spleen or my liver. So I decided to go down to the hospital and get a copy of the test results myself. It didnt have any measurements either. Just this strange unit they measure depth with "hounsfield unit" and I couldnt figure out the translation to what that meant. The last time we went to the doctor on our old insurance cigna all the tests said I had liver cirrhosis and my spleen was 15 cm. So to go to Ihc insurance now and have them tell us we were good was weird. We thought maybe the tests got switched or the wrong ct was performed on me. We thought we could ask for the next one to dictate to the cm how big things were. When we got into the office and asked her all these questions she said the hounsfield unit was the amount of radiation they use to determine the depth of the liver. Guess what my unit was normal! My spleen: normal. My liver: normal!
The doctor even called the radiologist and had him go through the ct again on the phone with her and he confirmed it! It was like that movie : Waiting to exhale. I did and it was Awesome!
Jeremy and I were totally crying and it was wonderful news to hear. Jeremy is still skeptical about the whole turn around thing after such a short time. They basically told us there was too much cirrhosis and it wouldnt be able to heal itself. Transplant was eminent. Showed them didnt I! We will be going back at the begining of august to run all the tests again to confirm which will probably include a .....BIOPSY....hate that word. But maybe i can talk them into doing another EGD down my throat to check for varices and while I am knocked out they can do it then. Sounds good in my head but im not sure my doctor will go for it.
We have felt so many things these past few weeks and we are excited at the possibility that we can now consider with this new found lease on life!
We have Heavenly Father to thank for our good fortune!

Owen has started his Tball and he loves it! The very first practice he put on his jersey and went over to his team( who is all boys) and he said" hey dudes what school do you go to?" I dont know what to think about this kid. He really is 5 going on 15. Scares me for whats to come.
Owen is a great hitter and really good at throwing the ball but our catching skill need some work.

Other fun stuff we have been doing is helping my cousin who is getting married in July. This is just one of the hundreds she took for her bridals. She is beautiful!!