Monday, May 7, 2012

A Camping Birthday Party

When Owen said he wanted a camping party for his birthday i immediately looked on my go to site PINTEREST to see what we could do. This is my version of the invite he liked the best.
 Jeremy and I took him to Toys R Us and after about  1 1/2 hours there we made it out with with this army guy set.  
We got the backyard all ready for the party which of course included using the four wheeler for a target practice game. I love these boys!! 

 wormy cupcakes

 The table mostly set up. Owen came up with the BEAR BLOOD PUNCH idea.
kinda like tigers blood but more gory somehow...
everybody got a compass and goody bag with treats 
I think everybody had a good time & Owen said it was his favorite birthday ever!

Jeremy's parents and sister Jennilee came over that night for a BBQ and more presents.
As soon as i got all the candles lighted on his cupcake and before we started to sing he blew them all out!
Silly kid!

We are so proud of  our little man and cant believe we really have a 7 year old kid!
Some facts about Owen:
* is now 4ft 2in tall
*still loves soccer the best
*still hates pizza but will occasionally eat the toppings only
*recently decided he loves celery and ranch
*hates sandwiches-this kid makes it tough for this mom to pack a lunch :(
* loves recess, math and library time at school
*has gotten some notes sent home about too much talking in class
*loves everything about mummy's and Egypt
*favorite movie right now is Aliens in the attic
*loves to go camping with dad