Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh yes people.... that's right!

Owen is also obsessed with Frankenstein! He calls him frankie and loves everything about him. So when I found this mask at the dollar store I couldnt resist! Now he calles himself 'Baby Frankie".
At the Hamilton house Halloween is bigger than santa claus! All the stores have so much cool
stuff Owen and I couldnt wait anymore to get out our decorations.
I know your thinking to yourself what are they doing? But ya know what! If people can put up the christmas decor in november I can do this!

Owen absolutley loves all our decorations and had
so much fun helping put it all up. You would think he would be afraid, but not this kid. Which is funny cause I am most definitley a big baby when it comes to scary stuff! While we were getting our the decorations Owen found his trick or treat bag from last year. Sure enought there was a left over tootsie roll in the bottom. Wow was he excited!
From out of the blue he said"oh thank you ho ho, thank you!" Super funny!

The skeleton on our door I bought at Roberts Craft and painted myself with the paint that crackles, its one of my favorites in our collection.