Sunday, May 1, 2011

 We went on a little weekend trip to St George for fishing and hanging out with my brother thats going to school down there. It was perfect weather and Owen LOVED fishing with my dad and brother! He loves anything that entails being one of the guys.

 Owen looks so much like my brother and I am so happy Morgan could be there to show him some tips on catching the perfect fish!
 This was the first one he caught himself and he wasnt too sure about it until Morgan told him it was awesome then he was super happy and couldnt wait to catch another. He is a master at catch and release now and I think fishing will be a big part of life for this kid.

 This crazy guy was a the DI and we had to get a picture of his get up. He had on only 1 spur and there was a feather in his top hat. Wow!
 After some afternoon swimming and taking a shower I put Owen in the bed so I could get ready for dinner and he fell asleep for about an hour, which would have been ok but then at about 10 when it was time for bed he was wired and running circles in the hotel room.
 The last day we were there Morgan took us to a little fishing hole that Owen could see the fish come to the bait. He must have caught like 15 fish that way. It was really hot that day and he got his first sunburn on his legs. Thankfully though he will let me put all the sunscreen i want on him now so he doesnt get another sunburn.
 Does that face just say it all or what!:? He loves being a fisherman and was even baiting his own hooks without poking his fingers :)
 I cannot believe it but our Owen will be 6 this thursday! Cinco de Mayo time again. I am bringing cupcakes to his class at school. Im so excited for him my birthday is in the summertime and my mom never got to bring cupcakes to my class so I am stoked to bring them and have his class sing to him!
 Owen wanted a spiderman party this year. I got this idea from a website and I hope the party goes smoothly for us! Jeremy has a friend at his work that is dressing up like spiderman and coming to the party for about 20 minutes! I cant wait to see the look on his face and see what his friends do when they see him come into the backyard at our house.
                                          The website part was my favorite part of the invitation!