Wednesday, October 12, 2011

lets get caught up here people!

Ok so I have been a major slacker. I have no excuse other than life happens. 
Here is what you have missed in our life for the past 4 months:
*We spent 2 days a week at least at the pool this summer
*Owen really loves the wave pool but it still freaks me out 
*We went to a few rodeos
* We went to the zoo while they had the dinosaur exhibit.....he thought it was scary. He was kinda in a bad mood all day there and whinning. When we got home we figured out he had a 101* fever. No bueno!
*Owen got stung 4 times at cascade springs
*Jeremy and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary
*I got a new calling as primary secretary in june and I am finally feeling like I can do it!
* We went camping down by Manti with some friends and it was awesome!
*Owen started 1st grade spanish dual immersion program
*Owen had a seriously hard time with his first 2 weeks of 1st grade
(they told us to expect tears but I was really thinking we made a bad choice in the spanish class)
* He finally figured out that its cool to go to first grade-(made better by the fact that i
 bribed him everyday he didnt cry.)
*He is loving learning spanish and he knows how to :
-sing abc's
-tell you the days of the week & month
- colors
-count to 35 
*everyday he tells me his favorite thing was recess
*Owen loves to read and he is getting SO good at it!
*Owen played soccer again this fall 
* Owen went to see the pediatric eye Dr. who told us he doesnt need the glasses he was prescribed in april.
* He also told us that if his eye is still being lazy in a couple months he would need surgery again...UGH!
* I help in his english class every week and I love getting to be there with him but its like herding chickens!
*I realized I can never really tell what Owen is thinking.
example #1 
Driving to school he asks me: Did great grandma eat great grandpa?
what? NO why do you say that?
Because she is a widow like the spider and they eat the spouse.....
We went to a baptism last weekend and he went up to watch up close what happens
He thought it was really cool and on the way back down the hall he said:
I didnt see the sins get washed away. where were they?
I said they just disappeared buddy, they just go too fast for us to see.

* our puggle Dexter is surviving being in our family. 
* he shivers/whines when we put him out to go potty.....its gonna be a long winter people
This was moments before the bee stings :(

 First day of 1st grade
 Camping view in Manti