Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Show and Tell

 This is the newest member of the farm family at my grandma's house.
Isn't he the sweetest? His name is Norman, his momma died so we get to bottle feed him and take care of him till he gets a bit to big for the field. 

 Owen started his Gym class. Its 2 days a week and I was nervous he would think it was just for girls but he LOVES it! Mostly I think because 2 of the teachers are boys and they can do all these crazy flips and jumps. Owen is convinced they are ninjas!
 Owen's teacher and I had been noticing some eye rubbing and holding his paper too close to his face. So we went back for another recheck of his eyes. This time he said Owen could use the help of some glasses. He picked these out all by himself. He thought the looked like the glasses you get at the 3D movies. Funny boy!
He tried for a day or two to say they were fuzzy and he didnt need them but today he wore them to school all day and came home with them still on and still smiling :) Thank goodness!
I asked him how the first day with glasses went, he told me a mean 4th grader told him he looked dumb with glasses but he didnt care because he knew he looked cool. Im so glad he was ok with the teasing but man if I had been there that 4th grader would have heard an ear full from this momma bear!