Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rodeo's, jewlery & timeouts....

First things first my egd was normal no signs of any varicose veins and I shouldn't need another on for about 2 years! Lets all cross our finger people!
So this summer my cousins have been in a lot of local rodeo's and Owen just loves it! He has a hat, boots, a rope, and a stick horse that is rather beat up from all the pretending when we get home.

He is really a really good boy 97% of the time. Its the other 3% that are killing me slowly. He is in this mode back sassing me and every time i tell him no he tells me, "we don't say no mom." So there have been an unusually large amount of timeouts at our house lately. I don't like it and I'm hoping its a phase he will get out of soon!
On the brighter side Owen is finally potty-trained YAHOO!!! I kept pushing the issue way before he was ready and now that it was his idea it has all been smooth sailing. These Hamilton men are sure stubborn....everything has to be their idea! :)

We also just bought one of those new all natural gas cars so Jeremy could commute up to west valley again. He got a promotion over at the call center again and will get a 5% raise! Very nice since the past 3 years at the retail stores the most he has gotten is 2%. It will be a good thing for us and minus the driving it will give us more time as a family and he will have weekends off. That will be a beautiful thing to attend church together as a family, I'm so excited!

Jeremy and I went down this past weekend to Manti for the pageant. The pageant had changed from the last time we were down but it was still moving and wonderfully spiritual. The day was way too hot and then the sun went down and we froze our butts off. The next morning we were able to attend a temple session since we had left Owen with my mom overnight. Neither of us had been back to that temple since our sealing 3 years earlier so it was very emotional for both of us and the spirit was very strong. There was a sweet old woman that had been at our first session and when i told her i remembered her she was so happy she cried. Her husband wasn't there so I'm not sure if he was just home or had passed on and i didn't have the heart to ask.

Also the jewelry I have been making ,I usually take to my mom's work and sell. This weekend my sweet grandma and i are going to the farmers market to sell from a booth. I am a little nervous but I think it will be fun and I like earning my own money again makes me feel like a working woman.