Thursday, August 26, 2010

We have a new favorite sport!

Owen started soccer last week and he really loves it!
The coach is super nice too. She used to work with Jeremy at the Verizon store in Salt Lake.
Owen was very excited about his jersey it is #5! 5 has always been a special number in our house. Owen was born on 5/5/05 and just turned 5 and he lost 5 teeth this year so far.

Owen has always been a fast runner and he loves running up and down the field. Although the little league they are on the field is super short! It is cute and easy to watch all the action.
Owen feels pretty cool when he gets on his shin guards
This is Owen sitting out for a minute to let some of the other kids have a turn. As you can see his face is really red and his was a sweaty mess but he loved every minute of it! The best part for me is that practice is the first 20 minutes before each game so I don't have to run around more than I need to during the week. Yahoo!

School starts next Wednesday. I took him for the kindergarten aptitude tests today. He did really well on certain things. Letters, numbers, counting, sounds that letters make. He did wonderful on puzzles. The things I wasn't prepared for were things like him knowing the different coins. Maybe that is just my view as his mom I hope the teacher thinks he did great too!