Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big month.....little time to blog

This has been a busy month for us! Jeremy's calling is in the YM and we have started doing monthly partys. This time we invited over all the YM in the ward and watched a short video then they all went ouside and played with Owen on the tramp. You can see the seriousness of it on his face. These are so much fun for Owen to be around the older boys and pretend he is one too!
This picture is from a rodeo in Heber my cousin Charlie rode in. Doesnt Owen look the part?! Charlie had an awesome ride for the first 5 seconds the last three were not in his favor and he got bucked off. He is still 3rd in the state in high school rodeo for sadle bronc and will be going to finals in New Mexico next month. Owen loves it !

These pics are from the slip-n-slide party Owen had with some of his buddies from school. We had so much fun! There had been some major rain and wind storms so there are leaves all over the yard. It was finally a nice day and the kids all played great together.

Jeremy's aunt Debbie came to stay and play with us this past weekend! We love it when she comes to stay, and just wish her kids could have come too! She is always a good house guest and doesnt seem to mind Owen's constant questions. Debbie came down for a baby blessing and we were all supposed to meet at park for a pre-blessing party but of course there was a down pour again. So everyone came back to our house and we ate pizza and talked about politics. Not the best subject with that crowd. It got pretty interesting and LOUD! We also played our newest favorite card game:RAGE! Perfect game for that croud!:) Luckily everyone left with smiles and no hard feelings.

Fathers day this year was also a great one for our family! Everyone except Cathy who was so sick. We missed her at our parties! I got Jeremy a couple of new polos and his favorite chocolate a UTAH TRUFFLE. Owen was asked to give the scripture in Primary and he did really well! After we headed over to my dads for a BBQ. It was a good lunch and nice to spend time with my family. Then at 5 we headed back to our house for a b-day/fathers day party with the Hamiltons. After dinner we went out back to play and this time Owen and grandpa jumped. Im not sure it was the best thing for grandpa's back but it sure was fun for Owen.