Friday, July 25, 2008

Why not add more?

So i have not been sleeping very well this last little while and wake up with a headache.
When i went for my usual 3 mo check my doctor suggested i get my thyroid checked and do an overnight oxygen test to see if that wasn't the problem. My blood pressure is also very high again and although i have been thinking it was just the white coat syndrome and the unknown stress of seeing the Dr so often, i had checked it periodically and it has stayed high. So i am now on a bp med. Why not add more right? Soon i will be on more drugs than an elderly person. The thyroid came back normal though so that is good, just frustrating that i am so tired all the time even though i go to the gym almost everyday.
Really it could be worse, just complaining which i try not to do.
We have had a good couple of weeks at our house. Owen is loving the pool! We even went to seven peaks with my family yesterday. It was so hot but Owen loved it.
Jeremy will start training in SLC in about a week along with his new schedule 2pm-10:30pm. It will be an adjustment for all of us.
My birthday is on Monday and i am going for a massage! I am so excited to just lay there and relax. We are having a family party on Sunday and i am making a new version on apple pie. The recipe i have substitutes apples for zucchini. I got the recipe from a girl in my ward and she fooled her husband with it so i cant wait to try it on my family! If it turns out i will email you all the recipe.