Monday, August 2, 2010

Today was rough

So today was rough.
On Saturday Owen and I were at my grandma's house. He had been playing fetch with the dog and thrown it into the bushes/flowers at the corner of her yard. The dog went in to get it but didnt bring it back. So Owen went in to get it. He came out running and fell down on the ground crying. I knew something had bit him i just didnt know what. Turns out it was a bee sting. A really big one! Poor kid it was right and the ankle. My grandma and I got him settled down. He seemed pretty ok after a few minutes and went off playing with the dog again.
The next day when i checked it the area was a bit red and sorta puffy. I thought it was kinda strange but it had been so long since he had been stung i couldnt remember if he did that the last time too.
Last night about 2 am he woke me up and said his leg hurt and he couldnt sleep because of it. I got him back into bed and turned on the light to look at it. There was a red circle around the bite and it was warm and hard to the touch. I felt so bad for him! I got a pillow and propped up his leg so it wouldnt rest on the sheets and got a cold pack for it. I drew a line with a marker to see if it had gotten bigger in the morning and he seemed to go back to sleep pretty quickly.
This morning it wasnt as red more blotchy really but it was still warm and hard. So I called the doctor so he could check it out. He said it looks like the infx that had been starting was clearing its self up already. Just to watch it and let him know if it gets worse or doesnt resolve in a couple days. Good to know but still sad.

So after the doctor we came back home and he played with friends in the house for a while. Then i sent everyone home and told Owen we were going outside to run through the hose and he could invite one friend back to play. He chose his friend Kevin and we headed outside.
I put the sprinkler under the trampoline and went to get some sun on my lily white legs at the other end of the yard.
The boys played really well for about an hour. Then they started play fighting. I walked over and told them they had to stop or Kevin would have to go home. That someone was going to get hurt if they didnt stop. Well Owen was the one to get hurt. No sooner than I walked back to my towel and laid down did I hear Owen screaming. I turned to see what had happened and he bent down to pick something off the tramp and ran over to me screaming!
IT.... WAS..... A..... TOOTH!
Kill me now! Really???
Apparently Kevin had punched Owen in the mouth and knocked it out. That kid really IS toothless now. There are 3 missing on top and 2 missing on the bottom.
I called Kevin over to show him how sad Owen was and made him apologize. Then I sent him home. The whole time Owen is screaming. I finally got a chance to check out his mouth and made sure it had not done any more damage than the tooth. He was okay just bleeding pretty good. Make no mistake this tooth was NOT loose and in no way ready to come out. I got him cleaned up and gave him an otter pop. I figured that was the best way to make it feel better.
Owen ate it just fine considering the loss of another tooth and decided to go jump on the tramp again. I was just getting into my book and I hear screaming again.
This time a bee sting on the knuckle.
It was too much for this poor kid. He was screaming so loud and hyperventilating too. That was it for our outdoor fun for the day.
We went inside and since we were both sweaty and Owen still had blood on him and otter pop juice we jumped in the shower to rinse off.
As i was washing his hair and he has his eyes closed he reached for me and fell hard on the side of the tub. Like if I fell i would have broken a few ribs. MORE screaming.
At this point I am pretty sure the neighbors are gonna report me for child abuse.
I got him out of the tub and checked him over. Once again he seemed ok. Nothing broken or blood. Thank goodness.
It has been a very long day filled with bad accidents and I am so glad its over. Im sure Owen is too.
Lets hope tomorrow is a better day, lets face it though its gotta be better than this!