Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthdays & School Projects

Owen had his first project at school: to bring his pet and tell the class all about it. We have 2 dwarf frogs in our house and it is a pretty great pet to have. No touching, no noise and hardly any smell. If you need a pet at your house I highly recomend them.This is Owen telling the class about them.......doesnt his face tell a serious story!
When he first brought them in Owen wasnt so sure about talking in front of the class(which is so not the norm for him) but in just a few minutes he warmed up and was telling the class all about them.

Jeremy turned 30 on the 23 of this month! Can you believe it? I only have a few more months and it will be my turn. He took it all with a great attitude though and I think he had a pretty good day!I think he is looking more handsome than in his 20's ! We recently got a PS2 and the cords were driving him nuts so for his bday I got him wireless ones. So at any given moment when he is home you can find the 2 men in my life just like this playing the "four wheeler game".

Doesnt our little boy look so grown up here? I cannot stand how handsome he is becoming. He is growing up way too fast. Owen is such a good boy with such a kind sensitive heart just like his dad. I am so proud of the way he is learning and growing to be such a good helper to Jeremy and I. We love you "fweetheart".

This captures the madness that surrounds our home when Jeremy and Owen are together!   HELP!