Monday, May 12, 2008

Owenator is 3!

Owen's birthday this year was a big deal. He is finally at that age when there is excitment and the thrill of presents and candles! Jeremy and i had gotten a few things in disneyland to keep until the party and i am so glad we did! He loves playing with anything pirates, so we found these mickey mouse pirate figures and he loves it! We also got him this great wooden barn with animals and even a fence. I am proud to say i painted it myself and it doesnt look like he did it!
Owen has gotten so big all the sudden! Everyone says how tall he is and how much he looks like Jeremy. He does look pretty tall but i didnt realize how much util my friend Elaina brought over her little boy Brock who is only 6 mo old and Owen begged to hold him. He sat on the couch and held him like such a little man. He even played pic-a-boo with him SOOOOO cute! My little boy isnt so little.....sad. He is learning to play by himself more but is very much a mama's boy and im sorry but im ok with that for now!
The spider man pic is from a father/son thing at the local library. Jeremy didnt tell me just let me see his face when he got home! I cannot believe he sat still for them to do it!
My mothers day was good too! Jeremy had to work but i got to sleep in and go out to dinner at Outback with my parents. Jeremy got off work and we got to spend sometime as a family before bed. I am so thankfull for all we have, and that Jeremy works so hard so i can stay home! Love ya honey!