Saturday, May 1, 2010

A cowboy party and something to remember!

Today was Owen's cowboy birthday party with friends! He had So much fun! Everyone got a cowboy hat and a few of them got mustaches too! We had shooting games, a pinata and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. There were a lot of kids more than I thought would show up and it was super fun for him!

The weather was not good today so we had all of our fun in our basement. It was loud for sure but as you can tell from these pictures Owen had a lot of fun!
This is all the little friends that came today. Everybody liked the cowboy theme! Owen had friends from pre-school, the neighborhood and family too! Owen has such great friends. I am so glad Jeremy took the morning off to help me I would have drowned by myself!

While everyone was leaving Owen was helping himself to another cupcake at the bar. He had a bite of the candy on top that was supposed to be soft but was really pretty hard and it hurt his tooth on the bottom that was already loose. Well after that bite it was hanging by a little bit in the back so we pulled it out and Ta Da we have lost our first tooth! He was so excited about it and cant wait to see what the tooth-fairy will bring tonight.
I hope to continue with the fun birthdays with him and his friends although I'm not sure we will do it on such a grand scale next year. I cannot believe how big our boy has gotten and now that he is losing teeth it makes me sad how really old he is getting. I will write another post on his actual birthday May 5th.