Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter was a blast!

This is a shirt I made for Owen. It is pretty rough but my friend had a super cute tie shirt on her little boy the other day and I thought I would give it a try. Plus Jeremy had given me a sewing machine like 2 years ago and I haven't really used it. It was a fun project and I recommend everyone try it! Or if you want to have a cute one that looks professional go to my friends blog: they have the most adorable things on there!
Easter was so much fun this year! It has taken me a few days to post about it because we had to get all the sugar out of our system first!
Owen got 2 egg hunts this year! The above picture is at my grandmas house. My cousins must have hid like 100 eggs and since Owen is the only grandchild on that side he reaped all the benefits. Although I think he is over it until next year since everyone kept telling him "come over here, there is more over there...ect" We had WAY too much food but it was fun to get together with my family! Plus my cousin Molly got engaged to her boyfriend Matt! Matt is a perfect fit for our family and I am so excited for her! The wedding will be sometime this summer!
Our friend Dave let his kids come over and play the Saturday before Easter so we had a egg hunt that day with the Hamilton's. It was so fun to watch the kids run around and steal eggs from each other! We had some delish deviled eggs that Cathy made and some cupcakes! It was Jaymee's first Easter and as you can tell by the look on her face she isn't sure about it yet. I'm sure next year she will love it! Notice how Owen is taking over the picture. He loves it when friends come to play and he can get crazy running around the back yard. Jeremy jumped them all on the trampoline till he was out of breath! It was a great day!

This video is from my grandma's backyard. Notice the stupid snow on the ground and Owen's winter coat! Stupid weather! It is finally starting to get warm now though!

Owen is all finished with swimming lessons and passed with flying colors. The teacher told him he could advance to the next level when he is 5. I cannot believe that is in just a month! I also got him set up for Kindergarten for this fall. Too scary for me to think about him at real school.
Owen will start T-ball really soon and our first game is the beginning of May. Hopefully that will be just as good for him as swimming was!