Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Waiting game sickness

Well Owen has caught an awesome cough to ring in the new year with. He woke me up at 5am so sad. It really broke my heart how pitiful he sounded and was a coughing mess. I took him  to the pediatrician this morning but of course it is just viral & could last up to 3 weeks! However he said if he gets to coughing and cant catch air tonight I should take him to the instacare. Thanks for nothin doc! Good thing I get to take a nap with him in the afternoons or I would just wither away too! I don't know how those hard working moms out there go to a job all day after being up sick with a kid. Kudos to those who do!
Poor Owen had to miss school because of being sick and this week is the letter T. On wedsdays they are allowed to bring something that starts with that letter for show and tell. He was all ready to bring stuff about when he was transported to the hospital after being born. I hate it when you are all jazzed about something at it falls through.

 I STILL have not heard back on my test results and its driving me batty! I called today and left a message. They said sometimes with the holidays it can take 3 weeks for lab stuff but we are pretty close to that mark anyway.....please please let it be tomorrow so I can stop worrying about it.

PS: Owen and I decorated the inside of our house for Valentines today! There are still Christmas lights outside so none of my neighbors know what a crazy I am. My front room just looked too bare with the Christmas stuff gone........I know but Feb is a short month right??