Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The path we travel

The path we have been on for the last 3 years has not been as smooth as the above picture shows. There have been many ups and downs along the way. Moments we have been very grateful for and moments we wish we could forget.
They all have been leading us to the place we reached today!
I got my liver biopsy results back and they are so good!
The doctor called this afternoon herself to tell me the good news.
When I answered the phone I thought it would be the nurse like always and when I realized it was the doctor I got really nervous that it might be bad news. I asked her how she was doing today and she said,"almost as good as you!" It brought an immediate smile to my face! She told me that the biopsy showed NO evidence of cirrhosis. The only thing it showed was a small amount of scarring and a slight fatty liver. Both can be completely resolved with continued diet and exercise. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! It was so wonderful! I told the doctor thank you!!! She said it had made her day too and congratulations!
I will still go back in August for one more round of blood work and to discuss going off the short list of medications they have me on. But that is basically it!

We are so thrilled and look at the last 3 years with amazement.
To come from the dark places we have been to where we are now is such a big transition. Through all of it I feel like keeping a good attitude has helped so much. I don't know if I could get to where I am today without having a positive attitude about it all. Going to the temple and prayer have helped us so much. Keeping those eternal things in mind through all this did not make decisions easier but they did put a sense of comfort into it.
I am so glad that we went through the trials and came out with a good sense of faith and self reliance before I got the good news. It made it so much easier to deal with and know that come what may Heavenly Father has everything under control. My story is not in the very scary category's of cancer survivors and people that have had a child pass away but, I know how it feels to be told you will not recover from this and come out knowing no matter what I will. Some of you out there think wow she has a new lease on life now, how wonderful I wish I had that.
Truth is I knew it the moment they told me I would indefinitely need a transplant. I found my strength and faith before all this good news so it is just whip cream on top! Thanks to all of my great friends and family out there who have supported us and kept us in your prayers.
Miracles DO Happen!