Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When you are young you think 30 is old and forever away. Not in the way you think about 16 and driving though. Thats exciting! Turning 30 to me has always been the day I knew I was an adult for sure. I would have my life figured out, know which path my life was taking me on. So in honor of that these are a few things I know and dont know to commemorate this good old birthday.
Tell me do you have these same things or is it just me?

I am more confident in my own skin.
I still sing in the shower...pretty loud.
I now like onions, garlic, and heaven help me but i love shrimp.
I am a mother to one sweet little boy but I will never again have another come from my body.
I never thought I would fight with my husband one day and love him the next.
I finally see why my parents were so strict with me growing up and respect them for it.
I dont know what I will do when my son goes to kindergarten next year.
I dont know if our home will ever again hear the sound of a babies cry or laughter.
I dont know if I will ever need a new liver...specialist' think they could say yes or no.
I still like to hang out with my friends but family is so much more important to me.

My birthday this year was great! Jeremy and I went and got breakfast. We took it to a park and watched Owen play before it got too hot. Then Jeremy and I went to the Provo Temple. Something we havent done together in quite a while im sad to say. It was wonderful to go back together and just what I needed on my birthday.
My sweet grandmother watched Owen for us while we went so after we picked him up we had some lunch and went to the mall. We dropped off my rings to be serviced and cleaned we did some window shopping. We got a orange julius which is the best present!
I also got some new shirts, pants, sunglasses, & some sweet earrings from forever 21.
My families spoil me! It was a great birthday even if I did have to be my 30th.