Friday, March 13, 2009

Stress is Gone!

    This is the picture from the dance we went to on Valentines, dont we look sweet together?

So I had my first activity being the Enrichment Leader. It was the RS Birthday dinner and I think it went over pretty well! The committee I chose was really great with all the tasks I gave them, and it seemed like those who came had a great time. 
Our theme was " come in out of the cold & warm your heart."
 We had really D-lish soups and rolls, then for dessert we had a chocolate fountain.....of course that was awesome! We didnt have a really strong turnout but I hope it will get better as the year goes on.
The day was kinda stressful for me Jeremy was home to help watch Owen though and that made a big difference! Jeremy had a eye dr appt in the morning then at noon i went to set up at the church. At 2pm I had a appt with my liver dr and my dinner party started at 6pm. I am glad to have all that done and over with!

Jeremy had a great day with Owen and they really needed some Father Son time.
They went to the park to feed the ducks and found one duck that had a dart through his body! Super sad! The poor thing wasnt really fazed by it just kept swimming around. Jeremy called the animal control and they tried to catch it but it ended up flying away. Too bad hope it doesnt suffer too long. Owen has been very polite recently! I took him to CJ's for a after school treat. He had been running around with a couple other kids for about 1/2 hour so i told him it was time to go. He walked over to me very calmly and said" mom could i please play for just one more minute?" I couldnt say no ! I am sure there will be a day when he tries to be sweet to get what he wants that i dont want to give him but i took it this time! He is such a sweet boy!