Monday, July 6, 2009

Long holiday weekend = awesome family moments!

Jeremy was lucky enough to be in the circle & bless little Jaymee this weekend! We took the opportunity to snap a family pic too! Couldnt resist Owen looked too cute!
Proud parents of little Jaymee Lynn! Andy and Danielle made one sweet little girl! It was a great day for our family! The blessing was at Cathy & Robs house so it was really intimate and special.
Special blessing day dress and I made the bracelet
I tried to make a bow too but that didnt go over so well
She just couldnt be sweeter! I love this little girl!
We loved spending time David and Tammy! They are such a cute family! We wish they lived here instead of Texas so we could hang out more!
This is Owens relaxed position he goes into when he is feeling comfy on my lap,which is pretty often when I am not. Cute none the less!
My parents have a sweet pool in the backyard this year! Owen thought it was awesome and didnt want to get out for anything!
This is just some of the fireworks group at the Hamilton house in provo. Great grandma Hamilton was here too! We love it when she comes to visit. Its never long enough but we will take what we can get!
We had so much fun doing fireworks at Grandma & Grandpa Hamiltons house!
. Owen and sweet cousin Natalie at a family bbq. We havnt seen them since right after she got out of the hospital in 2007. Natalie and Owen had so much fun playing together! She is such a sweetheart! I could have just eaten her up! You would never know she just finished chemo in December! Natalie is such a trooper and so mature for her age!
This was the view Owen had from Jeremy's shoulders for the parade! It rained on us for about 10 minutes and then was BLOODY hot! Owen thought the fire trucks and police on motorcycles were awesome!
We made time to take Owen to the movies over the holiday weekend too! My sister came with us and it was a super cute movie. I totally recommend it!
Owen woke up at 6am and went to the balloons with Jeremy on the 3rd. He loved it and the father son time was good for them too!

The 4th has always been a good holiday in my mind. After we had Owen though it turned so much for fun! I love watching things through kids eyes! Owen is always so impressed and excited about everything!