Friday, March 18, 2011

A lot to catch up on!

So the first weekend in March we went on a little vacation to Las Vegas. 
Jeremy's cousin Janell and her hubby were blessing their cute baby girl Madison. You will see a lot of her in this post!
We left Friday after Jeremy got done at work. It was pretty smooth sailing until Owen told us he had to go to the bathroom and we were about 10-15 min from the next turn off. I dont know how he made it honestly. I dont think Jeremy has ever driven so fast. You are probably wondering why we didnt just stop and let him pee in the bushes or something but it wasnt that kind of emergency :(
We made it to Vegas just after midnight and we were exhausted from the drive but it was all better when they upgraded our room to a jacuzzi sweet! We were super excited and Owen thought it was so cool to have the tub in our room like that. 
The next morning we woke up and drove down the strip to show Owen some of the sights and get a feel for what he might want to see closer up. Our first stop was the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. He loved it of course! It made our sad aquarium in Sandy look like a backyard pool with shrimp in it. :)

 The sharks were his favorite only after he was re-assured that they couldnt get through the glass and get us.
This is by far my favorite picture so cool! Owen thought this giant Komodo Dragon was super cool, wanted to take him home as a pet ha!

After the aquarium we had some time to kill before going to see the Madison. So we took Owen over to Cesar's for the statue show. We waited 45 min for it to start and then when it did Owen got this worried look on his face. Then he said I dont wanna watch anymore. Then the fire started. That was it. The deep voices and the statues moving plus fire put him over the edge. He started to cry and I picked him up and we walked out of there and down the hallway. I felt really bad. 
When I picked him up I must have pulled something in my back but I didnt feel it until we got up the next morning. I bent down to get something out of my suitcase and couldnt stand back up. It was horribly painful rest of the day but Aunt Debbie was nice enough to let me use her ice pack and I took some ibuprofen. Then rest of the trip and for a couple days after we got home I walked like a 90 year old with a walker.....but there was no walker :(

This is the princess Madison Liberty!
Isnt she the cutest? I love her hair and how absolutely girly she is
 Jeremy's cousin Ken and his son Ethan that also live in Vegas! So good to see them again. His sweet wife Alicia and their daughter Abby came later but I didnt get any pics of them.:(
 All these pretty girls in one spot! I feel bad they are all looking different directions but its a great picture :)

 See that rock bed behind the boy, he was convinced that these rocks in there were T-rex eggs!
Aunt Debbie with her sweet granddaughter, dont they both look beautiful!

 This little family is one of our favorites! Janell and Ryan have stayed at Hotel Hamilton a few times and we hope it will continue now that little Maddy is here! These two are great parents and I know Maddy was meant for their eternal family!

 The next few pics my favorite pics of Maddy girl from the trip. I had to restrain myself to not suck on those cheeks! She is perfect!

 My favorite boys and the princess
 Can we say Diva? She was out after the blessing.

 Owen was in heaven with Aunt Debbie's little dog Molly. 
 My favorite boys back at the hotel after a long day. We asked Owen on the way home what his favorite part of the vacation was he said the hot tub! Crazy kid!
 It was so so so nice in Vegas! 75 no wind just wonderfulness. We made it to St George and had lunch with my sweet friend Becky Matua and my brother Morgan who is going to school down there. The weather there was a little rainy but then the sun would come back out. No big deal. We got on the road because we heard the weather was supposed to get bad but we hadnt seen it yet. We even made it cedar city. filled up and stopped to eat. Nothing there either. Well about 10 min after we got back on the roads it started to get really cloudy and dark then 5 min after that it was this! Madness I tell you! There were people sliding off everywhere and you could hardly see in front of you. Lucky for us Owen was watching a movie on the dvd and had no clue just how scary it was. We really thought IF we made it to Beaver we would be spending the night there for sure. We got there and it was wet but no snow and the clouds were gone. Being so close to home and not wanting to pay for a night again we talked and made the decision to push forward. Lucky for us there were just wet roads the rest of the way no snow. We made it home safe and in one piece.
 We had a little tree trimming day at GG's

This is a old picture from when we went to the dinosaur museum a while back. Just wanted to throw it in there