Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentines Day was wonderful! 
Jeremy took the day off so we planned a full day of great stuff.
We got our carpets cleaned first thing this morning, they needed them so bad and they package we got came with a voucher for a 3 night stay in a variety of hotels in Vegas and California! 
 After we got our carpets cleaned I went for a nice long morning walk with my friend from the ward :)
We picked up Owen together from Kindergarten
We surprised him with a trip to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point & Owen loved every minute!
Jeremy surprised me with some much needed and wanted new exercise shoes!
We got take out on our way home from our new favorite place Saigon Noodle House. It was a perfect day and Owen was such a good kid all day. He kept coming up to us all day long and saying Happy Valentines Day and hugging us it was really cute!
I am so glad I have such a wonderful husband who could take the day off to spend with us and spoil me!

*The Valentine Card is what Owen and I made together to send out to our families. I saw the idea in a magazine and had to copy it! Well they turned out cute and Owen writing his own name on the bottom was perfect. I was so proud of myself that they were done and ready to go in the mail just in time for the holiday. I put a forever stamp on them and sent them out. 
Then I got a call from my sister in law that she had to pay $0.20 for it when it came in the mail. 
What a wonderful way to show our family that we love them right??? 
I felt so dumb!
Who knew that straws and noodles would be so much wt that a forever stamp wouldn't cover the cost.....
beware people!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

To the circus we will go!

Jeremy and I took Owen to the circus last week! I didn't realize it at the time but Jeremy had NEVER been to the circus before. The things you learn after almost 9 years of marriage! We had a great time and Jeremy was really impressed with the show. Owen and I went alone last year because Jeremy had to work so being there together as a family was awesome!

 Anyone who knows me, knows that I am terrified of heights! This act was too much for me, but Owen and Jeremy loved it! Super inappropriate if you ask me, especially when one of the guys fell and caught himself on the wire......twice!
Where do they find these people... really??

 Jeremy and Owen got to ride the elephant! Where else would my two favorite guys get to ride on an elephant? This is as close to an African safari as the Hamilton's will get! Owen was nervous to begin with but when the trainer put him on the very front he found out that elephants have super scratchy long whiskers on top of their heads.  OUCH! There's a fun fact they don't tell you on the discovery channel.

 My two favorite guys after they survived the ride

I remember when his legs barely went over the sides and now I think we are on the border of too big to ride the tiny pony's anymore. 

Sad moment in the life of Owen.
We are sitting in sacrament meeting and Owen is coloring after they finished the bread and water. 
Owen looks at me and Jeremy with a worried look on his face and tells us he had an accident!
After a brief moment of shock and panic 
we booked it out of there and got him home and cleaned up.
No warning for a belly ache that day. We spent the rest of the day at home close to the bathroom. Poor kid. 
I'm just glad it didn't happen at school!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things we have learned in 2011 so far

The new year has brought us a new sense of family and what is really important. There were some big decisions made, some new things realized & some great news too! Here they are in no particular order:

* After much deliberation and time in the temple we have decided not to move forward with our adoption plans.
There is a lot that went into that choice and the bottom line is that we are both at peace with the choice we made to stay a family of 3!
* Jeremy had perfect attendance for 2010 and will receive a good bonus for that in a few weeks!
* Verizon has now implemented a new system for 2011 if you have perfect attendance at the end of every month they will give you a $100 gift card to pretty much any place you want(shopping, restaurants, movies).....January perfect attendance so gift card here we come!
*Owen listens to us talk way more than I ever realized. The other night he was putting on his clothes after a shower and he was trying to put on his pjs still soaking wet when I asked him why? he told me,"Thats's how I roll."....I say that all the time!
*Owen and I both had dentist appointments this last month and Owen had no cavities, I had 1 and 1 silver filling that is giving me pain so it will be replaced. Guess I need to focus on my own brushing as much as I do Owen's.
* The dentist also told us that if Owen's 2 front teeth are not in by the time he is 7 they will probably have to make incisions in his gums for the teeth to come through.....please bless that doesn't happen.
* Family really is the most important they are my rock and my soft place to land when life gets hard.
*Owen brought home a paper from school that gives us the option to put him in a duel immersion class for spanish. It starts next year in first grade and will go through sixth grade! YIKES! Just the thought of that freaks me out. I know kids soak it in really great at this age and he will definitely use it to his advantage in this life but I barely made it through my hight school class how will I ever help with homework if its in spanish?
* We have a quote on our fridge that I look at everyday that helps me: Be strong, live honorably and with dignity. When you dont think you can, HOLD ON!
* We are so excited to be able to take a family vacation this year. We haven't had one since 2007! Thats a long time people!
* I love making new friends that surprise you at how alike you are & the more you talk to them you know that friendship will last forever!
* Jeremy and I have been going on more dates and its so nice to go out by ourselves!

Here are some pics of our year so far hope it continues to be great for our family!

Our big kid who sat in the chair and let them take xrays and clean without a fuss thank goodness!
He was so happy when they let him take home some gloves and a mask he checked all of his stuffed animals teeth when we got home!

 New valentines decorations for our house, I love it when I get to be crafty!
 New baby lambs at great grandma's house. This is one of the twins born just a week ago!