Thursday, August 12, 2010

This is my cousin Molly and her bridesmaids at the wedding! Molly is always beautiful but that day she really looked amazing! I hope every bride looks and feels the way she did on her special day. I made the bracelets the girls are wearing too! I love them and wish I had thought to make one for myself :)

We have been trying to make the most of what is left of summer at our house. Lots of outside time, eating otter pops all day long, going to the pool and playing with friends. That last one is really driving me nuts though lately. It seems like Owens friends are here no more than 5 minutes and they are fighting. I hear tattling all day long! "You cant be on my team",......"then im not going to be your friend anymore",....."Owen is not sharing".....ugh! It just too much some days. I try really hard to let them work it out on their own but I find myself jumping in. I dont know how he is going to survive kindergarten. Owen does really great when he is playing with just one kid but add more into it and watch out. He grabs things without asking. Purposly knocks over things his friends are playing with. I suppose its what kids do but it really bothers me. I feel like that is more of a 2 year old thing instead of a 5 year old thing.
Plus this one family of kids on our street is super loud and they do not have good manners. The other day the one little boy came over and he smelled SO strongly of poop I sent him home the minute he walked in the door.
Lucky for us we have not had any teeth knocked out for a while and hopefully we can go a long time until the next one!
Owen is getting really excited for school and asks me everyday if its time for him to wear his new clothes yet! His backpack looks really giant on him too. I am pretty sure I will be crying on the first day of school. I have no shame in it. Although i do hope i make it to the car before it comes out. :)

Jeremy and I have our 8 year anniversary this weekend.It has gone by so fast! Who knew i would know this man most of my life and now be spending eternity together! Owen will be sleeping over at my parents so we can have a night to ourselves. It will be nice to spend time together and remember the day we got married! Jeremy has been working so much overtime to help us build up a savings. We have some wonderful things in mind for the future, more on that to come!

Funny things in our lives lately!

Owen: I asked him to go upstairs after we had finished breakfast and get dressed for the day. He had on long sleeve and long pant pjs on. He came back down with shorts and a short sleeve shirt on top of his pjs. I asked him why he did that? He said I want to be like you and wear my pjs all day.......yeah he meant my garments! Poor kid! I had a good laugh about it though!

Jeremy: I had this cute white shirt that had pink flowers on it in big print. Well I was blowdrying my hair getting ready for the day and Jeremy came around the corner and said you look like a GIANT rose. Yep i changed pretty quick after that. He apparently meant it as a compliment but i didnt really like being refered to as Giant anything!

Nicole: A couple nights ago i had a strange dream that a bad guy was after me and to get away i had to jump over a stream. I made it across but hurt my leg in the process. Well in the morning when i woke up my leg hurt but i didnt think much of it. When Jeremy called on his first break he said , can we talk.I said sure and he says to me why did you jump over me last night?! I laughed so hard i guess i was sleep jumping or something. I jumped almost clean over him from my side of them bed and kinda landed on his legs. He tried to ask me what was wrong but i didnt hear him because of my earplugs. I guess i stood by the bed for a minute went in the bathroom and then came back to bed. FREAKY!!
I guess i scraped my leg on our bedframe when i jumped. Poor jeremy i think it really freaked him out! Hopefully that was the end of that.