Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentines Day was wonderful! 
Jeremy took the day off so we planned a full day of great stuff.
We got our carpets cleaned first thing this morning, they needed them so bad and they package we got came with a voucher for a 3 night stay in a variety of hotels in Vegas and California! 
 After we got our carpets cleaned I went for a nice long morning walk with my friend from the ward :)
We picked up Owen together from Kindergarten
We surprised him with a trip to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point & Owen loved every minute!
Jeremy surprised me with some much needed and wanted new exercise shoes!
We got take out on our way home from our new favorite place Saigon Noodle House. It was a perfect day and Owen was such a good kid all day. He kept coming up to us all day long and saying Happy Valentines Day and hugging us it was really cute!
I am so glad I have such a wonderful husband who could take the day off to spend with us and spoil me!

*The Valentine Card is what Owen and I made together to send out to our families. I saw the idea in a magazine and had to copy it! Well they turned out cute and Owen writing his own name on the bottom was perfect. I was so proud of myself that they were done and ready to go in the mail just in time for the holiday. I put a forever stamp on them and sent them out. 
Then I got a call from my sister in law that she had to pay $0.20 for it when it came in the mail. 
What a wonderful way to show our family that we love them right??? 
I felt so dumb!
Who knew that straws and noodles would be so much wt that a forever stamp wouldn't cover the cost.....
beware people!