Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I went up to the U for my triphasal ct scan. I had to drink not the usual 2 bottles of contrast but 3! It was more disgusting than I remember. I also have to have a IV medication during the last section of the exam. That, I dont think I will ever get used to. It is a horrible warm feeling you can feel run through your entire body and then ends up in your bladder all this happens within about 5 seconds  so you feel like you are going to
pee right on the table. ( I didnt thank goodness, but its always a fear!)
The tech did 3 scans altogether and then went to check with the radiologist before she un-hooked my from all my tubes. She came back about 5 minutes later and says to me" I have seen some pretty strange and horrible livers in my time and yours is pretty boring."


Well I told her thank you thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!
I said "so you didnt find any lesions?" She said" I cant say if i did or didnt you have to wait for you Dr but its pretty boring to me!"
I dont know what this medical community is trying to do to my stress levels but enough is enough people. Give me some kind of straight answer here. Either its bad and I need a new one or I am going to live to be 99 and happy. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Pics

This Easter was a great one for our family! The only thing that wouldn't cooperate was the weather. We got Owen a new suit for Easter and he looked so handsome and grown up in it. He kept checking himself out in the mirror and dancing! So cute! Doesn't Owen look just like Jeremy in this picture? Cathy the purple is for you!!

Cathy had her niece in from out of the country and was kind enough to put on a egg hunt for all the kids. It was alot of chaos but the kids loved it and had so much fun playing together. You can tell Owen was proud of the loot he got from it! His t-shirt says" Hanging with my peeps" I couldn't resist it at the store.

My grandma had yet another lamby and this time Owen got to hold it! He named her Shelby after his sometimes girlfriend at school. I don't know if she approves of the gesture but I sure would if a boy named a sheep after me!

Jeremy and I also had our 4 year temple anniversary. We will have been married all together 7 years in August but we like to celebrate all applicable things at our house! I was in charge and got us tickets to Phantom at Hale Theatre in Slc. It was way cooler than the one in Orem. Jeremy had never seen it to my surprise, It was a wonderful night for us both!


I also went to the specialist on the 15th and had more testing done. Just got the results back today and all the blood came back normal except for the bilirubin level. It was elevated from .8 to 1.2 not a significant jump but still. The big concern if you can call it that was the ultrasound found 2 lesions on my liver. The tech said it didn't seem like a cancerous type but whenever that happens they automatically do a heavy duty CT scan to get a better look. So until I go for that I wont know anymore. I don't know what to make of this new result only that it must be a mistake?! Fat chance. Good luck only lasts so long. Lets just hope mine can hold out  a few years longer!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our little star

Owen earned all his stickers yet again so we took him to the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper.
He took the picture of us above all by himself! Not to bad!
Owen loved the fish in this tank there was one that kept following his finger and he couldnt get enough!

Our little Owen is such a singer lately! Jeremy finally got the camera and had him sing for us. He just melts my heart when he sings so sweetly!

Well as for the Hives, we did make it to the doctor and of course the hives were gone. I did bring the camera and show him the pictures. He said It sounded and looked like something he ate rather than something he kept getting exposed to. The hard part was that he said it was something he would have had on Sunday. 24 hours before the first hives. Being that it was Wednesday.....that was very difficult to look back at. The doctor said we may never know and as long as they went away within 5 days we would be ok. If any longer we would have to do other testing. Thankfully they have stayed away and the only thing I can really remember that was out of the ordinary was some new tropical gum I bought just Saturday. So none of that for us just in case. 
The picture below was from a play at our local theatre called "go dog go." Owen's pre-school was giving discounts AND it is one of Owens favorite books! His favorite dog was of course the green one and he really loved seeing them all play out the book he loves so much. Owen also loved the girl dressed up like the super fancy dog that keeps asking" do you like my hat?" I think they played that part the best! They even rode on scooters like in the book! It was $4 well spent!