Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When you are young you think 30 is old and forever away. Not in the way you think about 16 and driving though. Thats exciting! Turning 30 to me has always been the day I knew I was an adult for sure. I would have my life figured out, know which path my life was taking me on. So in honor of that these are a few things I know and dont know to commemorate this good old birthday.
Tell me do you have these same things or is it just me?

I am more confident in my own skin.
I still sing in the shower...pretty loud.
I now like onions, garlic, and heaven help me but i love shrimp.
I am a mother to one sweet little boy but I will never again have another come from my body.
I never thought I would fight with my husband one day and love him the next.
I finally see why my parents were so strict with me growing up and respect them for it.
I dont know what I will do when my son goes to kindergarten next year.
I dont know if our home will ever again hear the sound of a babies cry or laughter.
I dont know if I will ever need a new liver...specialist' think they could say yes or no.
I still like to hang out with my friends but family is so much more important to me.

My birthday this year was great! Jeremy and I went and got breakfast. We took it to a park and watched Owen play before it got too hot. Then Jeremy and I went to the Provo Temple. Something we havent done together in quite a while im sad to say. It was wonderful to go back together and just what I needed on my birthday.
My sweet grandmother watched Owen for us while we went so after we picked him up we had some lunch and went to the mall. We dropped off my rings to be serviced and cleaned we did some window shopping. We got a orange julius which is the best present!
I also got some new shirts, pants, sunglasses, & some sweet earrings from forever 21.
My families spoil me! It was a great birthday even if I did have to be my 30th.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trip to LA and of course GEORGE!!

Oh, George How I Love You!

Oh my goodness my dreams came true and my family and I went to see the king of country: George Strait!!!! He came to the Usana Amphitheater. I have never been there and it was amazing!!! The sound quality was great too! I saw George like 15 years ago in Provo. He was great then too but I was so far away and this time I felt like he was singing right to me! It was better than I remembered! I love love love him!

Me, My brother Morgan, my cousin Molly and my sister Tiffany!
Me and my sweet husband waiting for George! He was such a good sport, he is not a super fan of George like I am but he came anyway pretending to have a good time. I love this man too!
Jeremy has been working really hard with PRIMERICA! We went down to a convention for that in LA this is the hotel we stayed in. It was not awesome. The trip down was really stressful for me too. Our car had been serviced like 2 days before we left and the mechanics didnt screw on the oil filter tight enough and it was spewing oil all over which caused HORRIBLE smoke! We made it to Nephi and then noticed the smoke. I was so freaked out. To me smoke=fire=explode in a car. So I was in a hurry to get out of there. We pulled off the freeway to a Big O. They realized the problem and fixed the tightening for us quick. We got back on the road within ten minutes but man, after that I did not want to be in that car. I kept asking Jeremy do you see smoke? Needless to say it was a long ride down to Mesquite. We spent the night there with his Uncle and Aunt. Thanks guys for letting us stay with you!
This is our Team for PRIMERICA! We all got so much out of the speakers and came home with a motivation to work even harder!
LA is not quite what it looked like on the Michael Jackson funeral footage. There were some pretty scary people being from little old Provo all my life. There was no where to park and everywhere we tried they said sure just leave the keys in it so we can move it if we need to! Yea right! I will not be visiting that part of California again for a long time. Sorry if you live there....give me Laguna or Huntington Beach any day LA not so much!:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Long holiday weekend = awesome family moments!

Jeremy was lucky enough to be in the circle & bless little Jaymee this weekend! We took the opportunity to snap a family pic too! Couldnt resist Owen looked too cute!
Proud parents of little Jaymee Lynn! Andy and Danielle made one sweet little girl! It was a great day for our family! The blessing was at Cathy & Robs house so it was really intimate and special.
Special blessing day dress and I made the bracelet
I tried to make a bow too but that didnt go over so well
She just couldnt be sweeter! I love this little girl!
We loved spending time David and Tammy! They are such a cute family! We wish they lived here instead of Texas so we could hang out more!
This is Owens relaxed position he goes into when he is feeling comfy on my lap,which is pretty often when I am not. Cute none the less!
My parents have a sweet pool in the backyard this year! Owen thought it was awesome and didnt want to get out for anything!
This is just some of the fireworks group at the Hamilton house in provo. Great grandma Hamilton was here too! We love it when she comes to visit. Its never long enough but we will take what we can get!
We had so much fun doing fireworks at Grandma & Grandpa Hamiltons house!
. Owen and sweet cousin Natalie at a family bbq. We havnt seen them since right after she got out of the hospital in 2007. Natalie and Owen had so much fun playing together! She is such a sweetheart! I could have just eaten her up! You would never know she just finished chemo in December! Natalie is such a trooper and so mature for her age!
This was the view Owen had from Jeremy's shoulders for the parade! It rained on us for about 10 minutes and then was BLOODY hot! Owen thought the fire trucks and police on motorcycles were awesome!
We made time to take Owen to the movies over the holiday weekend too! My sister came with us and it was a super cute movie. I totally recommend it!
Owen woke up at 6am and went to the balloons with Jeremy on the 3rd. He loved it and the father son time was good for them too!

The 4th has always been a good holiday in my mind. After we had Owen though it turned so much for fun! I love watching things through kids eyes! Owen is always so impressed and excited about everything!