Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cowboys, football boys, army dudes & ropes

A couple of weeks ago I signed up Owen to take a cowboy class at Thanksgiving Point.
He got to ride some of the toys out in front of the barn before the class started and they were so cute I had to take a picture.

In the class he got to paint a wooden horseshoe, brush a tiny pony and see what real horseshoes look like. They of course let the kids take a ride on the ponys too, Owen is always up for a ride!
He thought for sure this sweet little thing was going to try to buck him off!

My brother Morgan plays for his high school team and we love going to the games!
Last week they played Springville and the school had invited the Army to come complete with a huge tank. Man those things are really big! I had no idea the massive size....pretty intimidating!

By the tank was of course an Army dude as Owen calles them and he asked if he could go talk to him. I said sure.( I didnt think he would be so brave.) Well he walked right up to him and shook his hand told him "good job. Do you shoot the transformers?"
I guess we better explain to him what they really do for our country!
Everytime Springville made a touchdown they would fire off the cannon, Owen was scared the first time but then he loved it!

I am on our wards enrichment activity planning comitee. This last time we planned a ropes course at our local church. We did it outside and it was a wonderfully spiritual night. I dont know if any of you have ever done one but I highly recomend it for your wards. One of the girls in our ward set it all up and did all parts to go with it. I was just helping other women to it but then they told me to go through it also as the last person.
I had already seen the course and it was difficult but I was sure I could manage. It was hard having things I knew were comming but not opening my eyes to see it. The ropes were tied around trees, rapped around huge barrels. The picture below they gave us a log to carry on our journey that represented "burden" some people gave them back imediatly. I held on to mine until they asked later if they could take it from me. I gladly acepted. Then later in the course they gave me a rock to hold that was my "testimony" I was supposed to keep it always.
At the end of the course our relife society president was there and she let the rope(The iron rod) we had been following our entire journey fall to the ground and took us into her arms. She
whispered in our ears"you have done well faithfull servent come into the light).

That sunday i got called as 2nd counselor in the relife society! Pretty exciting and scary at the same time!