Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The Tickles"

So our little man has got "the tickles."That's what he calls these welts that itch. Since Monday Owen has had a strange rash on and off on different parts of his body with no explanation.
His little ear gets really red when it happens. No white welts on the ear but it switches back and forth not just the same ear every time. It comes on really fast and leaves within about 30 minutes.
Owen hasn't had a fever or runny nose and no sore throat or ear pain that he can tell me.No diarrhea or fever. I even called the school to check if there was a new food he had tried, or a new paint....etc. NO LUCK!
It only seems to pop up when we are home which leads me to believe there is something in our home that is upsetting his little body. 
The first time it happened was after school on Monday. His little ear was really red and he had the white welts on his face. I asked him if his ear hurt or itched and he said no. I told him not to itch his face and he did pretty good for a while but then the minute he touched his face more welts popped up. We washed his hands and face and gave him some benedryl. After a while he was fine. Then that night after his bath with the normal baby soap and super sensitive lotion I always use......more welts! This time in the crooks of his elbows and on top of his knees & the red ear was back!
Then yesterday we did fine all day....i think. He was wearing long pants so I didn't check his legs but no red ear all day and his arms looked fine. We got home and he played for a minute then we ate dinner. Nothing he hasn't had before. Red ear back and welts on his stomach and legs and back this time. I really don't know what it could be. I am waiting for the Doctor office to open for and appt but I don't know if they can help unless they see the rash and red ear. This morning like yesterday it is mysteriously gone.
Am i losing my mind? Did he find some poison oak in our living room I don't know about.?