Friday, February 6, 2009

What a little helper!

Owen learned how to cook "lizard tongue" with my mom this week. That's what we call lasagna in our family. People always ask its not really lizard tongue is it? Don't know how it got started but it has been around since I was little. Owen was a really great little helper and loved the little apron my mom had for him. Maybe he will grow up to be the next great chef. I wouldn't mind a son that could cook a great meal! I'm sure his wife would appreciate it in the future too! Owen is always wanting to help me cook and clean. Strange huh! He loves to help with laundry too, which I HATE! He tries to be such a big boy and helps me a lot.
You can tell by his eye's how much he liked what it tasted like later that night! He was really proud of himself!  He has such great blue eyes. He is going to be a real heart breaker when the ladies find out about him!

My sweet grandmother that lives just a few blocks away from our house has  sheep! In January this little baby showed up. It was freezing then but he has done ok and seems to be making it even with all this snow. Owen loves how he looks like an Oreo but insisted that he be named Noah. Probably because we have been reading about that in our nightly stories. Pretty cute! I guess some babies dont know they are supposed to wait til spring! 

Tonight I finally tried a recipe on Meshelles blog! German pancakes! I remember my friend Samantha talking about them but it always sounded kinda gross. So for some reason I was in the mood to try something new and gave it a whirl. Owen helped in the kitchen again and it was fun and easy! They were delish! I had to call Sam and tell her I was thinkin about her and all the fun times we had! Meshelle if I had your number I would call you too and thank you for the yummy recipe! 

Tomorrow Owen will go to his first friend birthday party! He has a little friend Jackson in his class and its his brothers party. Owen is very excited. His mom is nice too so I have found a new girl to go to lunch with! 
After that when Jeremy gets home from work we will be going on a double date to Asuka. We love that place. It is like Tepanyaki but WAY better! 

Also I got a new calling......I know they like to make be dance all over in our ward! I am the Enrichment Leader. I hope I can do a good job. The girl before me was amazing in this spot, so I have some really big shoes to fill. If any of you have ideas for the RS birthday next month let me know, I would love some ideas to toss around!