Sunday, July 8, 2012

Put me in coach!

 We have been playing lots of machine pitch these past few weeks. Owen didn't really like all the sitting in the dugout but by the end of the season he was loving it!
 The machine was not very reliable at a steady pitch so there was a lot of swinging but not much hitting unless the coach pitched it to the boys himself.

 Owen has a spanish tutor for this summer to help him not lose all those great skills. She asked him to make his own spanish flash cards and this was his drawing.......Stewie anyone??
 We have played in the pool a lot with friends and tried to stay cool in the heat.

 We made the yearly trip to Payson lake before it got too hot.
  Love that Owen's feet aren't  touching the ground, dont hate me because there is a sharp stick in his hand :(

 We added new members to the family!! Kash is the cutest baby cousin with the most hair :)
 Owen had a minor disagreement with a stump in our backyard and this was the outcome. He asked me if he was going to have brain damage from it.....I may have laughed a little but I assured him he would be okay.
 We have been fishing with his new pole
 Owen calls this his official bike riding costume. Only this kid would want to wear a giant helmet and gloves in 90 degree weather!
My family had a big badminton tournament on the 4th of July as you can tell Owen took it very seriously!