Saturday, October 3, 2009

New adventures of the OWENATOR!

Jaymee girl got to come hang out at our house again yesterday. Both of our families have been sick with runny noses for the past few days and this was the first time I had watched her for a while. Look how serious she is about those fruit snacks and Owen is ready to defend them. Soon enough she will be grabbing stuff away from him.
At Owen's preschool they gave out some homework so the kids would get a small feel for what was ahead next year at kindergarten. They had a full week to do it not just a night but that didnt matter to Owen. I showed him how to trace the first big A and watched him to the lower case A. I turned around to get his bagel ready and by the time I turned back around he was already on C. I hope he continues to love to learn. I know its a bit sappy to take a picture of homework but I really think he did a great job for his first time printing! He was the only kid in the class that did his homework too!
My sister Tiffany got Owen this sweet sweatshirt to wear for Octorber and beyond. This is most serious face.
This is the back and it glows in the dark! He wanted to sleep in it that first night!

This year our boy decided he wants to be Dracula for halloween. I got him this cape and my mom supplied the teeth. Every morning this is how we eat breakfast and the other day this is how he looked when we got home from a long day. The teeth are my favorite part.
If only the drool were fake blood we would be really scared! Still gotta love his enthusiasm!
My brother won his homecoming game this year! It was a great game and Owen loved coloring his hair bulldog green! I still cant believe how much he looks like my brother.
This is the real bulldog. Owen just loved her and wanted to pet her all night long!
Such school spirit. He would make a great bulldog!
Owen started a Karate class last month. He has been loving it and I'm really glad we put him in it. The class is not so much on karate as it is on listening, following directions and respect. Its been great for him and he thinks he's pretty awesome when we leave the class.
This is Owen and Great grandma Isom ( GG) at her house with her dog maggie. My mom bought her sweet saddle/rider. Owen thought is was awesome......maggie not so much.
My Uncle Dave brought down one of his turkeys to live at GG's. I was a little nervous at first to have Owen in the pen with him but he was super tame and talks back when you talk to him. His name is Gobble. I asked Owen if we should have him for Thanksgiving and he said,"No, we should have chicken nuggets."
His head is pretty gross looking though. Ive never seen a turkey that up close before......... not a pretty animal. Owen loves him though so I guess I better play along.
Funny quote of the post from the boy; it snowed a little in the mountains this week and when I asked Owen what he thought about that white stuff up there he said" we gotta go up there and shovel mom!"