Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our pre and post Turkey Day festivities!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful!
We couldnt have the annual TURKEY 2K with my family because it was just too cold. We did have a great dinner together and my cousin was just back from his mission. We had so much fun playing games, watching football and the girls all got manicures. We went over to Jeremy's parents house in the afternoon. It was good to chat with them and play card games there, we just couldnt eat anymore food by then. We never remember to pace ourselves and end up stuffed.

My mom works with a girl that was cleaning out her garage and didnt want this train table! Owen was so excited to help put Jeremy put it together.
These are a few projects I have been needing to get finished for a while. I finally got them finished. It was a long night but I really like how they turned out. This was just a plain wooden board with Howdy cut out of it. I cut rope and hot glued it into place. A little staining and it was finished.
These pictures are part of a cute treasure map I bought for Owen's cowboy birthday. I cut it into pieces and glued it onto 3 blank canvas's I got from Roberts. I put some stain on those too so they would look older. The board I painted and roughed up a bit with a hammer and some nails. I think the neighbors thought I was crazy beating it the way I did.
This was the board before I painted and distressed it. It was only $2 at DI! Love it!
We saw this cute hat at the mall on our after Thanksgiving Shopping day. It was super cute and the boy does love GEORGE but it was $25. Is it just me or is that steep for a hat??
Jeremy got his ear biopsy done the day before Thanksgiving. It was perfect timing so he could give it a few days before having to go back to work and wear a headset all day.
It looked really gross the first day but then it has gotten better looking every day since.
The doctor called yesterday with the results and it came back benign. Thank goodness. They said it was a enlarged blood vessel. Strange but, as long as its harmless. It's not going away on its owen and took out a large chunk for the biopsy, now it looks worse. So we are waiting to hear back from the doctor if they want to just level it out so its even or remove the whole thing in a bigger surgery. Poor Jeremy.

Owens first time seeing Santa. He looks so little! Oh how the time has flown!
The Santa this year was super cute! He really looked the part and was so sweet to Owen. I thought it was cute how he is looking at him now just like he did back then! If you take your kids to go see santa make the trip to fashion place mall. Its worth it for a good santa!!

We also met with our new adoption caseworker with LDS this week.
We were hoping to finish our home study this month but it looks like that wont happen. We have individual interviews next week and then we will have the home study hopefully in the first few weeks of January. We are getting closer but it is still feels like a mirage right now. At least we can use these next few weeks to work on preparing for our home study.