Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More California Pics

California Dreamin...

So our trip was so wonderfull! The trip started a little strange though.. we woke up at 3am to get to the airport in time and check our bags all that jazz. Well we were driving in the very dark morning and just past the lindon-PG exit in the field we say this bright orange/yellow light as we got closer it was a fire...and it was on someones front porch!!! So of course we called 911 and they asked if we could meet them back where we saw it cuz they couldnt find it! So we turned around at AF and went back as fast as we could well being the worry wart i am i was freaking out we would be late for the plane. We drove back and couldnt see the flames or the house anymore being so dark you would think we could see some smoke or something but no! well we drove back and forth trying to tell 911 where we thought we saw it and finally pulled over at the exit and talked to the very frustrated police,firemen,and emt guys. So now i am really freaking out because its 430am we are still in pg and our plane leaves at 6am. Lucky for us we were not the only ones who called in about the fire and they let us go. Tender mercy i tell you!
So we got on the plane and had to sit there because the starter had gone anxiety level by then was off the chart and i am really hot cause the cant turn on the air till we take off. The take off was terrifying and jeremy sitting by the window kept trying to talk to me. I couldnt even look at him for fear i would see out the window how high we were! I was over fairly qickly and the landing was smooth.
We got there very early and it was soooo hot already. We got our sweet mini van and headed off to the swap meet. It was pretty hot there about 90 so i didnt really enjoy walking around as much as i could have. I dont do well in the heat!
We got checked into our hotel and played in the pool Owen was so happy to be in the pool again! Whenever we drive by the one in provo he begs to go....hopefully we can this year!
The next day we went to disneyland and it was great not too hot and not as many people as there could have been. We didnt have to wait long at all and Owen was really good waiting in line.
He was crazy about the pirates ride and we went on it like 10 times! He was about 2 inches off of being able to ride some of the cooler rides like thunder mountain...the kid has no fear! He loved the madderhorn and the safari ride in the boat. He was really cute with mickey too! He told him he loves to watch his cartoon show. Owen even got to do the hokey pokey with mary poppins and bert. We went to California Adventures the next day and that was ok but the food sucks over there and owen was more honery. I did go on the freakiest coaster called california screamin and boy did i! I did it so my sweet husband could have some fun and it was worse than any nightmare i have ever had! The shear speed alone was enough to kill me but im pretty sure the g force that shoved my inerds up on the 1st drop wasnt good for my liver or spleen!
We went down to Huntington Beach and walked down picking up sea shells.
Walked up and down the shops along there and then went down to Laguna where we spent the rest of our time shoping and body boarding. It was very relaxing and nice weather. Owen would have dug in that sand to china if i let him. He loved feeling it between his fingers. I say a humpback whale but no-one was around so they all think i was lying. Whatever!
We had a great time till we came home and heard about that poor man getting eaten by a shark!
Yea no more ocean for me.
We had a great time! We told owen we can go back when he is 5 but he's gotta dring all his milk and eat lots of veggies so he can be tall enough! So far its working!
Hope you like the pics!