Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trip to LA and of course GEORGE!!

Oh, George How I Love You!

Oh my goodness my dreams came true and my family and I went to see the king of country: George Strait!!!! He came to the Usana Amphitheater. I have never been there and it was amazing!!! The sound quality was great too! I saw George like 15 years ago in Provo. He was great then too but I was so far away and this time I felt like he was singing right to me! It was better than I remembered! I love love love him!

Me, My brother Morgan, my cousin Molly and my sister Tiffany!
Me and my sweet husband waiting for George! He was such a good sport, he is not a super fan of George like I am but he came anyway pretending to have a good time. I love this man too!
Jeremy has been working really hard with PRIMERICA! We went down to a convention for that in LA this is the hotel we stayed in. It was not awesome. The trip down was really stressful for me too. Our car had been serviced like 2 days before we left and the mechanics didnt screw on the oil filter tight enough and it was spewing oil all over which caused HORRIBLE smoke! We made it to Nephi and then noticed the smoke. I was so freaked out. To me smoke=fire=explode in a car. So I was in a hurry to get out of there. We pulled off the freeway to a Big O. They realized the problem and fixed the tightening for us quick. We got back on the road within ten minutes but man, after that I did not want to be in that car. I kept asking Jeremy do you see smoke? Needless to say it was a long ride down to Mesquite. We spent the night there with his Uncle and Aunt. Thanks guys for letting us stay with you!
This is our Team for PRIMERICA! We all got so much out of the speakers and came home with a motivation to work even harder!
LA is not quite what it looked like on the Michael Jackson funeral footage. There were some pretty scary people being from little old Provo all my life. There was no where to park and everywhere we tried they said sure just leave the keys in it so we can move it if we need to! Yea right! I will not be visiting that part of California again for a long time. Sorry if you live there....give me Laguna or Huntington Beach any day LA not so much!:)