Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Super fun weekend....still coughing

Owen and I went down to St George with my family this past weekend. My brother made the high school baseball team and the pre-season tournament was down there. It was so nice to be with my family and do some shopping but Jeremy stayed home to take advantage of the last of the overtime at Verizon. Hopefully it will come back soon.
Owen had been coughing for about a week prior to going down and he never had a fever or runny nose so I thought the warm weather might help him get over it. Nope!
On the drive down his nose started to run and his eyes got all watery and he got a fever. I felt so sad for him all trip. He woke up every night coughing his lungs out and crying cause it hurt. Sharing a hotel room with my family was nice until we kept them up all night with our sickness.
The day we got there it was kinda warm but the wind blew. Second day it was nice in the morning and then a major rain storm in the afternoon. Of course the day we came home it was so nice and warm. I want to go back soon and soak up some sun!
Owen was so funny about our seat-belts too! Every time we got in the car he made us all put on our seat-belts before my dad could start it up. He was deemed the seat belt police! That's my safety kid!
Poor Owen all he wanted to do was swim. I told him it was way too cold and he was too sick to go out in the weather. There was a indoor hot tub but I guess everyone in the hotel had the same idea cause we got down there in our suits and all, there was about 15 people in that little tub. Crap! I couldnt break his heart and tell him we had to go back to the room so we got into the only square foot left. I put our towel and room key in the corner and when I wasnt looking some stupid teenagers grabbed my towel with theirs along with our room key! I went after them and explained to them soaking wet in the hall what had happened. You know what they said? " How do we know its your key? It doesnt have the room number on it!" I was so livid mad. We had to walk back to the room soaking wet and explain to my family what happened. Lucky for me the front desk didnt charge my parents for another key.

We made it home safe and Owen has been a little better since being back in his bed. He has slept through the night since without coughing. But any activity at all makes him start up again, and he still has a good runny nose. I hope he gets better soon. It would help if the weather would cooperate and give us some more sunshine!