Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There are too many updates for this title....

Jeremy has this weird thing on his ear.
It started out as a red bump back in August. I actually thought it was a mosquito bite the first time I saw it. It has gotten bigger ever since. Its even going kinda numb at the biggest part. Now there is 2 well defined bumps there. We have been to the dermatologist to have it checked and we thought for sure they would do a biopsy. She wanted to wait and measure it for record. The doctor seems to think it is due to Jeremy's head set at work but we dont feel the same. We will give her the benefit of the doubt and try it. For those of you who dont know Jeremy had a tumor the size of a cat removed from his abdomen when he was 9. It was pretty scary! It was attached to his spinal cord and they were able to remove it all with no cells left. Our primary care thought this might just be a cyst and wouldnt be something to worry about. But when we reminded him of Jeremy's medical history he rethought that and told us to get it checked just to be safe. I guess we will see if it really does go away switching ears with the headset at work if not I guess there will be some slicing and dicing.

Our adoption work is finally moving forward! We finally got Jeremy's employment verified. It was quite the ordeal his work doesnt just fill out forms like a normal employer would. There is a whole website dedicated to it and it was a lengthy process. It's done now though thank goodness and we can move on towards our home-study! We are waiting for Jeremy's divorce decree to come in the mail and then we are basically ready for the home study. I have been cleaning like a mad woman! I guess all those years of spring cleaning with my mom should have rubbed off on me better I wouldnt be in the situation I'm in now. ha ha. I HATE TO CLEAN!

We went last weekend and took some family pictures we are hoping to use for our adoption profile. What do you think? What numbers do you vote for?
Keep in mind the adoption people said that bright colors stand out in photos and we want something to catch peoples eye as they are looking through profiles.

This is what we call an Owen sandwich, we do this kind of hug a lot at our house!

These will be on our profile too! I guess a lot of birth mom's out there like to see Halloween photos. I hope this one impresses someone out there! :) I love that Owen's mask gives him teeth again and I love Jeremy's bandanna it looked awesome!
Jeremy and I had a Halloween party with Owen and his little friends from the neighborhood. It was super fun and the kids had a blast! I love Halloween!
Super bad moment in parenthood: We are at dinner with Jeremy's parents and Owen takes a bite of something he doesnt like and he says: Son of a _____. NOT awesome! We told him that is not a word we ever want to hear again and that it was a very bad saying. He asked a few minutes later if he could say: "Goodnight nurse".......that one we will let slide!