Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Its working again!

So for the last longest time the blog has not been letting me post so here is a few photos to get us back on track.

 We actually made it out sledding a few times although it never lasted more than 15 min it was so bitter cold!
 This big guy is getting baptized this year and is in the CTR 7 class at church. Whoa he is getting big!
 Sledding at great grannys of course with the 4 wheelers and dogs chasing everyone
 Jeremy braved the climbing wall at Trafalga something I would NEVER do but he did it like a champ!
 Owens Halloween costume I think his face turned out really great but it only lasted about an hour then he sweated it all off at the church party. 
 We went to California for the fall break and It was WONDERFUL! A full week of nothing but our family enjoying all that southern California has to offer. Seriously cant wait to do it again!
Jeremy and Owen went on the Manta ride at Sea World and Owen said it was TOO FAST!
 We had breakfast with Shamu something everyone should do at least once in life! Awesome food too!
 Disneyland was great too Owen loved almost every ride  and being there in October was the best, weather,rides and wait times were not bad at all and our hotel was close enough to walk everyday. 

Here's hoping there is a lot more of these family vacations in our near future!!
More catch up posts coming up!