Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I wanted to take a picture of the two of us before pre-school but as you can tell I was having a problem getting it to center and take it fast....im really not trying to phase him out. Owen's half of a face is still classic Owen anyway.

I got Owen a job chart at Deseret Book a few weeks ago. It was so cute and I thought it would help him learn to sleep in his own bed and pick up his toys if there was a reward system he could see. So we told him if he filled up the whole page with stickers of doing the things he should we would take him somewhere special. Well if I had known how well a $1.97 job chart would work I would have bought it a long time ago!

                            (This picture makes our kid look like an albino dont you think?)
This is the chart Owen filled up with his smiley stickers! He decided we should go to chuck-e-cheese, what a shock! That kid loves that place! So after school we took him and we had so much fun .We are so proud of him! 

From all of our tickets at chuck-e-cheese, Owen picked out a orange lizzard. Its kinda squishy to the touch and about real size too. Its funny though because he named her" lizzie the lizzard". Owen cant say his L's properly so it sounds like Wizzy the Wizzard! I gotta get it on tape before he stops saying it that way. Too cute!

PS: the first song on my playlist below is my absolute favorite right now! I really want tickets to his concert this summer!