Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates galore

I keep telling myself as soon as something fun happens I would do a new post.
Well in the past 3 weeks we had some super fun times and there are a lot of things to 
catch up on so here we go!

We got a new member of the family!
* Dexter *
He is a puggle: 3parts pug 1 part beagle & 9 weeks old now
Owen calls him his brother and loves him a little too much sometimes
Owen graduated from Kindergarten (snif snif)
I started crying the minute he marched in with his class and didnt stop through the whole thing
We are so proud of him and all the things he learned over the year with his wonderful teacher
He sat up on the stage so proud and when they called his name I looked at Jeremy and he had tears too
We are SO excited for summer!
We are looking forward to: swimming, museums, zoo, slip and slides and sleeping in, bike rides and bbq's

Since we bought this house we have had a area in our backyard that was just sand. It has been the worst thing ever in our home. The previous owners had a pool there so it was mostly covered by that for them but when they moved they took it with them. 
Since then it has been the neighborhood cat litter box....Yuck Yuck Yuck
My dad is a cement mason and we have wanted him to pour cement back there for a while but we kept going back and forth about grass or cement
So we finally buckled down and got it cleared out and ready for cement
We had a lot of help and my dad did a great job as always!
Soooooo lucky to have a dad with such great talent and skills to make something we can cherish forever
The sad thing is we wanted Owen to put his hand in it but the day we poured he had a horrible fever and pretty much slept the day away. I woke him up to watch for about an hour and take some more medicine but he was still feeling yucky and wanted nothing to do with putting his hand in there :(
My dad did put a cool stencil in it with some leaves from a tree in our backyard 

We have been to two rodeos this summer already
The second one we went to had a sweet military chopper and Owen has in heaven
He got to watch them take off and then they flew over us during the national anthem VERY COOL!!
They also had a eagle that was injured and nursed back to health we all got to witness him fly off back to freedom, Owen thought that was awesome too and cant stop talking about it

We had a fun bbq with some friends and family this weekend
It was nice to have the extra space of our new cement patio and see good friends again
the weather has been nice finally and we are loving the sunshine

Here are the picture to go with all the updates sorry if they are not in order but hope you enjoy them